Game of Thrones: Which Cast Member Won't Be Part of the Reunion Special?

Game of Thrones Reunion Richard Madden Season 8

It’s like the Red Wedding all over again!

Bodyguard star and former Game of Thrones cast member Richard Madden did not take part in a reunion special that was shot in Belfast earlier this year, EW.com reports. The official event gathered many members of the HBO drama’s cast, including Sean Bean, and will be included as a special feature in an upcoming box set of the complete series. Conan O’Brien hosts.

Madden played Robb Stark from Seasons 1 through 3, and exited the show after his character (like a whole lotta others, including his mother Catelyn and his wife Talisa) was killed at the nuptials of Edmure Tully and Roslin Frey — a massacre known to fans of the show as “The Red Wedding.”

The reason for the actor’s absence from the reunion? He was busy shooting the Elton John biographical film Rocketman, in which he plays the singer’s longtime manager John Reid.

Game of Thrones‘ eighth and final season bows in April, though HBO has yet to release the exact date. The network recently posted a new teaser trailer that shows the Stark and Targaryen sigils meeting a frosty front while the Lannister lion attacks with fire. (Read into that what you will.)

Will you miss Madden in the reunion special once Thrones is done for good? Hit the comments!

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