Supergirl Recap: Secret Identity Crisis (Plus, What Happened on Earth-90?)

Supergirl Recap

Kara’s future remains uncertain after Sunday’s Supergirl, which finally brought everyone up to speed with a series of refreshing reveals — one of which could lead to war.

Despite his earnest (i.e. frustrating) commitment to maintaining the space-time continuum, Brainy admitted to knowing about Nia Nal in the 31st century, all but confirming Kara’s growing suspicions that Nia’s nightmares and narcolepsy could be pieces to a much larger puzzle. This led to Nia confessing that her family is from a distant planet where some of the women, herself included, develop the ability to dream the future. Good to know!

That’s where Brainy entered the equation: By tapping into Nia’s subconscious, he helped her control her latest vision, which revealed the identity of Agent Liberty’s next victim. (Brainy also called her “Nura” by accident, which we’ll talk about later.) The gang’s attempt to thwart this pending murder resulted in a messy melee with several of Ben’s “Children,” which totally could have been avoided if Nia was in on Kara’s secret. (You know, after Kara tells Lena.)

Truth be told, the DEO could have also saved itself a lot of effort by asking Manchester Black for Agent Liberty’s identity. He didn’t just figure out Ben Lockwood’s secret, he also tricked Ben’s wife into thinking he was an old college friend of her husband — as if anyone would forget to mention their super-intense, trench-clad British vigilante pal who refers to himself as “Manchester Black.” J’onn gave Manchester the full Professor X treatment, hoping to shut him down remotely, but his rage was too powerful to overcome.

With another assist from Brainy, Nia eventually saw her nightmare come to fruition, though not quite as she expected. Agent Liberty’s “victim” turned out to be Ben’s wife, who was pleading with her husband not to kill Manchester. And while I guess I’m glad she was able to get through to him, I have to admit that getting rid of Manchester — who willingly identifies as the “intolerant left,” for those of you who watching the show for its politics — would make Supergirl’s life much easier.

Before being hauled off to prison, Ben delivered a speech about how he only wore a mask to protect his family, adding that Supergirl should also have to share her alter ego. His plea for “full transparency” even crept into the DEO, which demanded Kara that reveal her secret identity, then fired her for refusing to comply.

The very end of the episode offered a tease of next week’s three-part “Elseworlds” crossover, taking us to Earth-90 for an intense confrontation between the original Flash (played by Jon Wesley Shipp) and The Monitor. “Why are you doing this?” the OG Flash asked, to which his enemy offered this chilling reply: “You did this to yourself. And now, all of you will perish.” (You know, as if things weren’t chaotic enough on Earth-38.)

Also worth discussing…

* I’m obsessed with Nia’s roommate. How are we just now meeting this person?

* As DC buffs are likely already aware, “Nura,” the name Brainy accidentally called Nia, is Nura Nal, a future member of the Legion of Super-Heroes. So when Brainy said, “I can’t tell you how I know, but we can stop this,” he really meant it.

* Was Kara being paid by the DEO, or has she been living entirely off her CatCo salary? Frankly, I just want to make sure she’ll still be able to afford that stunning apartment on a single paycheck.

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