The Haunting of Hill House Creator on Why [Spoiler] Won't Have Any Part in a Potential Season 2

The Haunting of Hill House Season 2 Mike Flanagan Interview Cameos

We hope you were satisfied with the Crain family’s happy-ish ending, Haunting of Hill House fans, because series creator Mike Flanagan says that’s the last we’re going to see of Olivia, Hugh and their brood.

When TVLine recently interviewed the show’s executive producer/writer/director, we asked whether any of the Crains might show up in future episodes. (To be clear, Netflix has not yet ordered a second season of the spooky — and wildly popular — drama based on Shirley Jackson’s horror novel of the same name, and Flanagan says any conversations about renewal likely will wait until he’s done working on the upcoming Shining sequel film, Doctor Sleep.)

“I don’t think so,” Flanagan said. “I think we tied up all of those threads exactly how they should be.”

In case you need a refresher on how Hill House wrapped its first season: In the finale, Hugh promised the ghost of Olivia that if she opened the locked door to the Red Room, allowing their children to escape to safety, he would “make a promise to you that I will keep forever.” She did as he asked, so he committed suicide by overdosing on his heart medication in order to stay in the home with her and Nell for eternity. A flash-forward later showed Mrs. Dudley dying in the house — and reuniting with her ghostly children — and the surviving Crain kids (Steven, Theo, Shirley and Luke) and their significant others happily celebrating former addict Luke’s second year of sobriety.

And that, Flanagan maintains, is all we’re going to get regarding the long-suffering family.

“We tied up all of those threads exactly how they should be,” he explained “I don’t really see a need to revisit those characters, even in cameos.”

He added: “I want to remember them the way we left them, and leave them to their lives.”

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