Outlander Sneak Peek: Claire and Jocasta Clash Over Slavery at River Run

We’ve got a feeling that Jocasta has another word in mind when she calls Claire “peculiar” in this exclusive sneak peek at Sunday’s Outlander (Starz, 8/7c).

Because the Frasers barely have arrived at Jocasta’s North Carolina plantation, River Run, when Jamie’s wife and his aunt have their first disagreement — genteel though it may be — over the inhumane practice of owning people as property.

“Are ye a Quaker?” the older woman asks suddenly, inadvertently giving Claire a plausible back story for her political views. So Mistress Fraser goes on to explain why she feels the way she does, all the while making it real awkward for Phaedre, who’s hemming her gown.

“Jenny did say you were a peculiar lass,” Jocasta observes, which ruffles the sassenach in a way that is very enjoyable to watch. (Dinna fash: Like Jamie, we still love Claire with an intensity rivaling the first law of thermodynamics.)

The episode, “Do No Harm,” follows the Frasers’ introduction to life at the big house — including a major tragedy that ultimately puts Jamie and Claire in an intensely difficult situation that requires a no-win decision.

Press PLAY on the video to watch the formidable Outlander females size each other up, then hit the comments: Are you excited for the Frasers to arrive at River Run?

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