Legacies Series Premiere: Grade It!

Legacies Recap

The series premiere of The CW’s Legacies took us back to the Salvatore Boarding School for the Young and Gifted, where three things are required for admission: supernatural powers, a brooding sensibility and, of course, crippling emotional baggage.

Thursday’s debut focused on the school’s two newest arrivals: werewolf Rafael and his foster brother Landon, the latter of whom we met during one of Hope’s many trips to Mystic Falls in The Originals‘ final season. Unlike Rafael, who immediately formed a bond with his fellow ‘wolves, Landon had a slightly more difficult time acclimating to life at the Salvatore school — especially since he was immediately thrown into the dungeon “werewolf transition space” while the vervain left his system. (When it was discovered that Landon couldn’t be compelled to forget the school’s existence, Alaric deduced that he must have taken vervain. Because there couldn’t possibly be another reason… right?)

Hope remained unsurprisingly close to Landon whenever possible, as the two continued to bond over their dysfunctional family histories. Her father, for example, is documented in supernatural history books as “the great evil,” while Landon’s dad used to put out cigarettes on his arm. (Darkness comes in all forms.) But it was his moonlit dance with Hope that really convinced Landon to stick around — that is, until Alaric had him compelled and sent away the next morning.

But as Alaric & Co. would soon discover, Landon didn’t leave the grounds empty handed. He swiped a powerful magical dagger on his way out of Mystic Falls, one that sparked a devastating explosion, killing everyone — except for Landon, of course — aboard his bus out of town. As Alaric deduced in the episode’s final scene, “If his mind can’t be controlled by a supernatural being, it can mean only one thing: that he is a supernatural being!” Dun, dun, dun.

Before you weigh in with your thoughts on Legacies‘ first official outing, let’s discuss some of the other troubled youngsters we got to know this week:

LIZZIE SALTZMAN Alaric’s twins may be fraternal, but if you still need help telling them apart, just think of Lizzie as the “angry” one. We got a generous taste of her wrath this week after her attempt to woo Rafael (“Guys like you make me nervous … hot, angry, damaged”) blew up in her face, resulting in a full-on meltdown that the school’s poor kitchen never saw coming. By the time Alaric interrupted his daughter’s tantrum — nearly getting stabbed in the process — the place was a wreck, though her response (“Hi, daddy”) makes me think this sort of thing has happened before.

JOSIE SALTZMAN Like her sister, Josie is no fan of Hope “More Like Despair” Mikaelson, but that’s pretty much where their similarities end. As Alaric explained this week, Josie has a supernatural affliction known as “codependency,” in which she worries about other people’s happiness over her own. She’s also an introvert, more likely to light your shirt on fire from a distance than to actually confront you about how she’s feeling. (Come to think of it, that exact thing happened between Josie and her ex-girlfriend Penelope this week!)

MILTON GREASLEY | Better known as M.G. — for obvious reasons — this vampire works as Alaric’s student aide, and is friendly with the Saltzman twins, especially Josie. Unfortunately, it seems that M.G.’s fellow students are more than willing to exploit his good nature, like when Penelope tried to seduce him in the kitchen. (“I am an equal opportunity evil temptress, and your binary assumptions about sexuality are dated.”) If Josie hadn’t walked in when she did, which was so awkward, who knows how bloody things might have become.

Now, let’s discuss all those Vampire Diaries/Originals callbacks, shall we?

* Hypothetically, if we enrolled at the Salvatore school, we could probably skip sixth-grade Origin of Species, right? I mean, we’re all well-versed in the “long story involving an ancient, vengeful witch and a bloodline curse.”

* When the students were practicing spells and one of them said “phesmatos,” I got real nostalgic for Bonnie Bennett.

* Alaric and Hope’s fight scene reminded me of Alaric and Elena’s sparring matches back in the day.

* When Alaric told Lizzie, “Your biological mother’s crazy-ass witch ancestors left you with a legacy of darkness that you have to work through,” it probably sounded outlandish to first-time viewers. The rest of us? Totally unfazed.

* It was good to see Matt Donovan again, even if his appearance was tragically brief. (Don’t worry, he’ll be back!)

* “The people I care about have a tendency to die on me.” (Hope really is the new Elena, isn’t she?)

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