Midnight, Texas Season 2 Premiere: Did the Gang Just Witness a Miracle? — Watch a Sneak Peek

It takes a lot to impress the supernaturally savvy residents of Midnight, Texas. But restoring a wheelchair-bound man’s ability to walk? Yeah, that might just do it.

In this exclusive clip from the NBC series’ Season 2 premiere (Friday, 9/8c), Fiji, Olivia and the rest of the gang watch town newcomer/self-proclaimed mystic Kai (played by Bates Motel‘s Nestor Carbonell) walk on water and heal a crippled man. The Midnighters’ reactions run the gamut: While Fiji seems shocked, The Rev looks like he could be a believer.

The hour introduces Kai and wife Patience (Veronica Mars‘ Jaime Ray Newman), who have come to Midnight to run the hotel and spa. If you’re a fan of the source material and think you know what’s coming, prepare to be surprised.

“The hotel opening in town is just an inspiration from the books,” co-showrunner/executive producer Nicole Snyder tells TVLine. “We didn’t use Charlaine [Harris’] story from the books. That’s all the writing staff. It’s original.”

The EP adds that the story may not take the turns viewers think it will. “We tried to subvert the expected,” she teases. “You would think we would basically be telling The Shining or the story of a haunted hotel in Midnight,” but what actually happens as the season unfolds will make the building’s ghosts seem like the least scary thing Manfred & Co. encounter, she says.

Speaking of the clairvoyant, you may have noticed that he’s absent from the sneak peek above. Per the official episode synopsis, he’s dealing with the “consequences” of having six demons inhabit his body in the Season 1 finale. Apparently, it’s not just something you shake off.

Press PLAY on the video above to watch Kai’s big entrance, then hit the comments with your thoughts: Are you planning to watch Midnight, Texas‘ sophomore season?

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