Grimm Spinoff With Female Lead Character in Development at NBC

Grimm Spinoff NBC Female Lead

The dust has barely settled in the Spice Shop, but things are starting to look rather Grimm at NBC again.

The network is developing a spinoff of the fairytale-based supernatural drama, our sister site Deadline reports. The untitled project will center on a female lead character and will include characters from the original series, as well as new ones.

Grimm, which ran for six seasons on the Peacock Net, followed Nick Burkhardt as he became aware that he was from a long lineage of “Grimms,” aka slayers of supernatural creatures known as “Wesen.” He wound up befriending many of these so-called monsters (and even fathered a child with one). Together, the good Wesen and Nick (played by David Giuntoli) fought nefarious Wesen and the mysterious network of royalty who often bankrolled them.

The series finale aired in March 2017, with a flash-forward showing that Nick’s son, Kelly, grows up to be a Grimm who fights alongside his father, mother Adalind and half-sister Diana, as well as Monroe and Rosalee’s triplets.

Melissa Glen (Marvel’s Iron Fist) will write the script and executive-produce the spinoff, with original series co-creators Greenwalt and James Kouf serving as consulting producers. Universal TV and Hazy Mills Productions, which produced the original Grimm, will be back to produce the spinoff.

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