Mark-Paul Gosselaar Laments Pitch Cancellation ('We Were Blindsided'), Talks Ginny and Lawson's Almost-Kiss

We’d like to say this is one of those “Here’s what would’ve happened if Pitch had gotten a Season 2″ stories… but, as series star Mark-Paul Gosselaar will tell you, even he doesn’t have a clue how the ballad of ‘Bawson’ would’ve played out.

“We didn’t know, honestly,” the actor says in the video above when TVLine asks about where the cancelled baseball drama might’ve gone in the sophomore season it never got. He mentions the series-finale cliffhanger — would Kylie Bunbury’s Ginny be able to play again after a bad injury? — but nope: He’s got nothin’ on that, either.

“We all thought we’d resolve those issues in the second season,” says Gosselaar, who will star in Fox’s upcoming series adaptation of Justin Cronin’s The Passage, premiering at midseason. (In the video above, he’s flanked by his Passage co-stars Saniyya Sidney, Jamie McShane and Henry Ian Cusick.)

Indeed, when TVLine spoke with Gosselaar near the end of Pitch‘s first season, he assured us (and fans) that the Fox series would “absolutely” return.

That’s part of why the cancellation stung the cast, he now says, as much as it did the fans: “We were blindsided by it.”

Press PLAY on the video above to hear Gosselaar eulogize his former show, then hit the comments: What would you have liked to see in Pitch Season 2?

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