Full Frontal Video: Samantha Bee Reacts to Kavanaugh Hearings, Rages Against 'Super Powerful White Dudes'

Following the testimonies delivered by Supreme Court hopeful Brett Kavanaugh and Dr. Christine Blasey Ford, the university professor who accused the circuit court judge of sexual assault, many were hoping to have late-night TV’s only female host weigh in. Unfortunately, Full Frontal With Samantha Bee‘s once-a-week format made that impossible… or so we thought.

Bee and her team ultimately found a workaround, posting a video exclusive to the Internet on Friday night to respond to Thursday’s testimonies, as well as Friday’s Senate Judiciary Committee vote. In the above clip, Bee welcomes viewers into her sadness den, saying she felt the urge to respond after “a bunch of super powerful white dudes stood up and yelled at rape survivors for messing up their schedules.”

“I’m not sure exactly what’s happening with Kavanaugh’s confirmation, but I do know a bunch of shriveled, old scrotums went on TV and basically told the world that any Ivy League chode’s career ambitions are worth more than all the women he may have hurt on his way there,” Bee said. “I know it’s never good when the fate of the nation hangs on Jeff Flake actually doing a thing. He’s a real Atticus Finch, if Atticus Finch had gone right into court and said, ‘I may be a little concerned about the treatment of black people. Anyway, byeeeeee!'”

Later, after acknowledging that the last two days have been some of the most “heartbreaking days” since Election Night 2016, Bee delved into the continued horrors of rape culture and why Dr. Ford’s testimony was monumental, regardless of whether or not Kavanaugh is confirmed to the Supreme Court.

“Every time you think you understand how awful rape culture is, a rancid puff of Drakkar Noir steers his way closer to the Supreme Court and you realize that you had no idea,” she said. “So please, be kind to yourselves today, especially if you’re a survivor of abuse or assault. Notwithstanding Lindsey Graham’s hissy fit, you do deserve justice. You do deserve to be heard, no matter when you come forward or how many Ivy League degrees your assaulter has, and we’re going to continue to build a world where you get that… Dr. Ford said that her worst fear was coming forward [and] seeing her life destroyed, only for nothing to change. It might seem like that’s what’s happened here, but I’m not sure. After Anita Hill, an unprecedented number of women were swept into office thanks to a massive wave of female rage, [and] we’re gonna do that again in November.”

Hit PLAY on the video above to get Bee’s tips for all the ways to find joy amid the sadness (one of which involves a life-sized cardboard cutout of Lindsey Graham), then hit the comments with your reactions!