Fox's The Cool Kids Premiere: Grade It!

Fox on Friday used its Last Man Standing revival to help launch The Cool Kids, a multi-camera sitcom set against the backdrop of a retirement community.

Created in part by It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia‘s Charlie Day (who in the pilot makes a brief cameo as a handyman), this old-school comedy is headlined by four of the genre’s greats — but is the casting alone a big enough draw to lure you in, week after week?

The opinionated Hank (The Carmichael Show‘s David Alan Grier) serves as the unofficial leader of a motley crew that includes his two best friends: Charlie (Roseanne‘s Martin Mull), who frequently goes off on sex-and-drug-related tangents; and Sid (Will & Grace‘s Leslie Jordan), an openly gay man who thrives on hedonism. Their fourth member, the hard-partying Jerry, has recently died, and Hank isn’t willing to let just anyone replace him, least of all Margaret (Mama’s Family‘s Vicki Lawrence; read Memories From the Set), who joins them at the “cool kids” table and refuses to get up from Jerry’s seat.

Margaret eventually befriends Charlie and Sid, but getting in Hank’s good graces takes some work. First, she steals a fellow resident’s car keys so Hank and the boys can hightail it to the morgue and prevent Jerry from being cremated, but they’re ultimately pulled over and arrested. Once the foursome returns to the retirement village, Margaret surprises them by throwing a rager (or, at the very least, the retirement community-equivalent of a rager) in Jerry’s honor, using the dead guy’s credit card. Appreciative of her grand gesture, Hank finally softens and lets Margaret join their group on a probationary basis — so long as she agrees that he calls the shots. (Yeah, we’ll see about that!)

Grade the premiere via the polls below, then hit the comments with your thoughts.


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