Are We Getting Sharp-er Objects? Does Sinner Need DNA Test? Showtime Has a Leaving Lady Problem? And More Qs!

Sharp Objects Season 2

We’ve got questions, and you’ve (maybe) got answers! With another week of TV gone by, we’re lobbing queries left and right about shows including Wynonna Earp, Sharp Objects, Fear the Walking Dead, The Good Doctor, Better Call Saul and more!

1 | Was anyone else excited to see NBC’s late, great Great News arrive on Netflix, only to disappointedly realize the streamer only has rights to Season 1?

2 | Does Wynonna Earp‘s Bulshar look more like The Mask or Roger Rabbit‘s Judge Doom?

3 | ‘Member how at TCA press tour, Sharp Objects EPs insisted that this is a one-season limited series? That there’d be no second season à la Big Little Lies, no matter what…? [Pause] There’s totally going to be a second season, isn’t there? Also, given how many cracks the show has made about Camille’s mediocre writing, weren’t you surprised by the high quality of the piece she wrote in the finale?

4 | As To Tell the Truth panelist Sherri Shepherd comically panted at (and even caressed one of) the Sexiest Teacher Alive candidates, didn’t you have to think that nothing at all along those lines would be tolerated if the genders were reversed?

5 | Did the True Detective Season 3 trailer leave you hopeful that the anthology series will redeem itself after a best-be-forgotten Season 2?

6 | How many Fear the Walking Dead viewers made it through Mo Collins’ debut episode without recognizing Stuart’s mom from MADtv?

7 | Which America Ninja Warrior all-star’s early elimination during Stage 1 was most unexpected? (There’s so many to choose from!)

8 | Why did Salvation‘s pregnant Zoe keep hurling in her mother’s perfectly lovely farmhouse sink? (Did producers not want to spend the money on a powder room set?) Also, is John Noble even more chilling as Darius’ uncle than he was as an actual Sleepy Hollow demon?

9 | Are you still rooting for Better Call Saul‘s Mike to get together with Anita… even though we know she’s nowhere to be found in Breaking Bad?

10 | Elementary fans, did it take you a moment to recognize Smash‘s Christian Borle underneath that facial hair? But why did his character have no comment (e.g. “Are you on your way somewhere?”) on Sherlock being in a white tux jacket?

11 | Were you too distracted by Sean Penn’s Popeye-like biceps — the guy is 58! — to process anything else in the trailer for Hulu’s The First?

12 | Do the people on Bachelor in Paradise at least pop the occasional breath mint over the course of kissing six different people in one night?

Younger13 | Is this earring the biggest accessory Younger‘s Diana has ever worn?

14 | When Castle Rock’s Jackie suspected there was blood on an object she’d found on the ground, why was her first instinct to taste it?!

15 | On World of Dance, was Ne-Yo trying not to play favorites by underscoring almost every performance in the division he mentored? Was Josh & Taylor the saddest cut yet? And Desi Hoppers the most unjust? And when a judge let’s loose with a “Whoa!” or “Hey now!” mid-performance, do you slam your thumb on the “jump back” button to see what you may have missed?

16 | The Sinner‘s Julian doesn’t at all resemble his parents, does he?

17 | Weren’t you worried that Big Brother’s Faysal was going to catapult himself over that barricade during the Battle Back competition?

18 | Didn’t Shooter‘s Bob Lee have his shoulder, like, brutally dislocated not long before the showdown in the woods, where he was effortlessly shooting right-handed? (Does he have mutant-like healing powers?) Also, how conveeenient that the guy who KO’d Isaac proceeded to pour the gasoline in a nice big circle, far away from him?

19 | Did you experience déja vu seeing Good Doctor newbie/House vet Lisa Edelstein back behind a desk, sparring with a fellow doctor (in this case, Glassman) in the Season 2 trailer?

20 | We know Ariana Grande was scheduled to perform at Aretha Franklin’s funeral, but it was still weird seeing SNL‘s Pete Davidson there, was it not?

21 | In the past six months, Paula Malcolmson has left Ray Donovan, Ruth Wilson has bolted The Affair, and now Emmy Rossum is exiting Shameless? Does Showtime have a leading lady problem?

Hit the comments with your answers — and any other Qs you care to share!