The Flash @ Comic-Con: Multiple Season 5 Deaths, a Killer (Frost) Reveal, Sherloque Wells and More

The Flash Spoilers

“There’ll be a lot of deaths this season,” executive producer Todd Helbing ominously teased during The Flash‘s San Diego Comic-Con panel on Saturday.

In possibly related news, Season 5’s Big Bad Cicada is “not so much a cult leader” like he is in the DC Comics canon, Helbing explained. “But his powers present a challenge for Team Flash that they’ve never had to deal with before.” (Speaking of the comics, there will be a younger version of the Rogues this season.)

Other highlights from the panel Q&A:

* “We’re going to kick off the season with a newer Wells who has come to join these people,” his portrayer Tom Cavanaugh shared. Sherloque Wells, as he’s called, is “a very intelligent human being who is maybe not to be trusted.”

* Helbing promised that fans will learn “why and how [Caitlin] got [her Killer Frost] powers. She didn’t get them from the particle accelerator explosion. She’s working on [figuring out] how that came to be.”

* Cisco’s “powers are going to be challenged like they never have before, in a perilous situation,” actor Carlos Valdes revealed.

* On Helbing’s wish list for the second half of Season 5: an episode featuring both Gorilla Grodd and King Shark.

* The show will introduce a LGBTQ character this season, Helbing said.

* Gustin is “very, very excited” that Barry finally has his Flash ring, as seen in the Season 5 trailer. “It’s something we wanted to happen for a long time,” he shared, adding that it comes with “a really, really cool new suit.”

The Flash Season 5 premieres Tuesday, Oct. 9 at 8/7c on The CW.