Power Burning Q: How Does the Jimenez Cartel Procure So Many La Araña Cards? TVLine Investigates

Power La Arana Card Tarot Season 5

The biggest mystery in Starz’s Power isn’t whether the sharp-eared Maria Suarez will be the one who eventually takes Ghost down. It’s not whether Kanan will flip back to being the villain we knew for the past four seasons. And it certainly isn’t whether James and Tasha should severely limit their son’s data plan. (That last one’s a given.)

Nope, the question we can’t put aside has to do with one of the Starz series’ longest-lasting threads: How, exactly, do the Jimenez gather so many La Araña cards?

As devoted viewers of the show know, the Latino drug cartel’s signature move is to leave the Mexican tarot card, which depicts a spider, somewhere they know the intended victim will find it. Seeing La Araña in your home or place of business conveys a bone-chilling truth: You’re probably going to die, soon, and it’s going to hurt a lot.

At the end of Sunday’s season premiere, in response to Ghost & Co.’s failed hit on Dre, Tommy’s card was waiting for him at the door of his apartment. Kanan found his on his windshield. And Dre brazenly walked up to Ghost at Raina’s gravesite and handed him the palm-sized harbinger, warning St. Patrick that his entire family would die at the hands of the Jimenez cartel if he came after his former protege again.

But back to our query: If La Araña is just one card in a full tarot deck… how exactly does the murder-happy Jimenez cartel get so many of them? Do they order complete packs in bulk from Amazon, and have a low-level operative spend all day plucking them out? Does the powerful crime organization have them printed special?

“I think we have them printed,” says series co-creator Courtney Kemp, laughing at TVLine’s admittedly not crucial (but seriously curious) request for details. Thankfully, her fellow executive producer Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson feels us.

“No, they would have to get them out of a deck of cards all the time,” he says after considering the matter for a moment. Pricey, given Alicia and Diego’s ever-expanding kill list, “but I think there are no financial worries about that,” Kemp adds wryly. “Maybe they have a hookup at the factory.”

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