Cancelled Timeless Fails to Find New Home; Major Economic Obstacles Make Wrap-Up Movie an 'Uncertainty'

Timeless Cancelled No Movie

The future for Timeless just got even more bleak, if you can believe it.

Co-showrunner Shawn Ryan reports that any and all efforts to find the time travel drama a new home, after being cancelled by NBC after two seasons, have come up empty.

“[Sony Pictures TV] has notified [co-showrunner] @TheRealKripke and me that efforts to land #Timeless at another network have sadly failed,” Ryan shared Monday on Twitter. “While Sony will continue to look at any and all options, actor deals have expired and it appears there will be no Season 3 or beyond.”

As for the notion of a wrap-up movie that got floated in the immediate wake of NBC opting not to order a Season 3, Ryan says, “Discussions still take place… but there are considerable economic obstacles that make it an uncertainty. We will update you when we know more.”

(As TVLine explained in a recent story, starting production back up on a cancelled series whose sets have been struck and sent to storage — merely to service a one-off movie — is cost-prohibitive, while the expiration of cast contracts makes their non-guaranteed availability a scheduling issue.)

Ryan wrapped his series of tweets by saying that he, Kripke, the cast and crew send “our immense thanks and gratitude to all the #ClockBlockers who fought so hard for this show. You made a second season possible and gave us hope for a Season 3. We wish the news was better. We love you all.”

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