Grey's Anatomy Season Finale Preview: 'Jolex' Wedding Photos Hint at Arizona and April's Bittersweet Goodbyes

greys anatomy finale spoilers how arizona april leave

In Thursday’s Season 14 finale of Grey’s Anatomy, it’s “Here comes the bride… and there go April and Arizona.” But, as these photos from “All of Me” (ABC, 8/7c) suggest, the beloved doctors’ goodbyes will be filled with as much laughter as tears.

Viewers already know that Jessica Capshaw’s Arizona will be moving with her and ex-wife Callie’s daughter Sofia to New York, where she’ll found the Robbins-Herman Center for Women’s Health with former mentor Nicole. (Based on the way she’s eyeing that bouquet, perhaps she’ll pop the question to Carina rather than leave her behind in Seattle?) How Sarah Drew’s April will exit has yet to be revealed, although presumably it will involve Matthew, the ex-fiancé with whom she’s rekindled a romance.

Perhaps the bigger question hanging over the episode is, what will make it, as Ellen Pompeo put it, “not easy”? Could it have something to do with the… wait, is that blood that that caterer is cleaning up? And at what — or whom — is everybody looking down so worriedly?

Click on the gallery above — or go here for direct access — to check out the pictures, including what may be Japril’s last scene, and then hit the comments with your guesses.

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