The Originals Season 5 Trailer Reunites the Mikaelsons, Reveals Grown-Up Hope's Explosive Powers

Ready or not, here it comes: The first trailer for The Originals‘ final season has arrived.

TVLine’s exclusive first look at Season 5 — premiering Friday, April 20 at 9/8c — finds Klaus Mikaelson reuniting with his brothers and sisters after a pretty significant time jump, even at the risk of reviving the dreaded Hollow.

Other trailer highlights include: Freya and Keelin sharing an intimate (albeit terrified) moment, Elijah baking in the sunlight — maybe asking Marcel to compel him to forget about being a vampire wasn’t the best idea? — and Hayley cozying up to her new man (played by Reign‘s Torrance Coombs). Oh, and did I mention we get our first actual look at grown-up Hope (Danielle Rose Russell) in action?

As for this season’s main threat, series creator Julie Plec explains, “The Big Bad this year is launched from an ideology more so than one singular person’s nefarious desire. It’s an ideology that was spawned almost a century ago, a movement that has been simmering and stewing over that century. It does have a personal connection to the Mikaelson family, but it also has a thematic resonance that is very timely.”

One of the only major Season 5 players not included in this trailer is Caroline Forbes, who will act as a “guiding counselor to Klaus in terms of fatherhood” when she reunites with the Originals gang in the premiere.

“She’s a mother, she lost her husband and she knows [Klaus] very well — better than some of the people in New Orleans,” Plec says of Caroline. “She understands the desire he has to be a good person in the name of his daughter, and she’s very quick to recognize that he’s not doing a very good job. She’s a friend, she’s a support system and she calls him on his s–t.”

Hit PLAY on the trailer above, then browse our gallery of stand-out moments — you can click here for direct access — and drop a comment with your hopes for The Originals‘ final season below.