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The Originals Boss Explains Finale's Happy (?) Endings, Praises [Spoiler]'s Cameo and Shares Hopes for Season 5

The Originals Season 5 Spoilers

The Originals‘ fourth season finale could not have ended on a more bittersweet note — music pun intended.

TVLine spoke with departing showrunner Michael Narducci about the episode’s biggest twists, as well as what fans can expect — at least according to his educated assumptions — from the show’s confirmed (phew!) fifth season. But first, a quick recap:

Vincent’s plan to separate The Hollow into four parts, each inhabiting the body of an undead being with blood ties to Hope, was a success. (Freya nearly had to turn herself into a vampire to complete the foursome, but Kol showed up — at the last possible minute, naturally — to fulfill his Mikaelson duties.) Sadly, those bodies almost immediately went their separate ways, vowing never to reunite for fear of empowering The Hollow and allowing its return to our world.

And just like that, the Mikaelsons were scattered to the winds: As previously teased to TVLine, Hayley indeed enrolled Hope at Alaric and Caroline’s school for supernatural children in Mystic Falls; Elijah, after asking Vincent to purge him of his memories, started a new life as a musician, which Klaus appreciated from a safe distance; a newly single Marcel (sorry, Sofya!) surprised Rebekah in New York City; and Kol was last spotted visiting a jewelry store, after which he planned to (adorably, excitedly, etc.) propose to Davina.

But is all well that ends well? Narducci has the answers…

TVLINE | There were quite a few happy endings — or at least happy-for-now endings — in this finale, including Marcel and Rebekah moving to New York. Does this mean that Marcel has given up his claim to New Orleans?
As with everything in this show, are things ever absolute? Is there ever no hope of a return or a comeback? There was a scene that we cut, which I believe will appear on the DVD, where Marcel and Vincent have a conversation. We had to cut it for time, and it destroyed me. I was literally in tears, because I love both of those actors. It was basically them talking about why the witches would have joined with The Hollow, and maybe there were some sins of Marcel’s that had yet to be dealt with. Marcel says that it might be time for a new king, so he basically gives the keys to the person he trusts most with the city that he loves, and that’s Vincent. It was a great moment, and I was super bummed out that we lost it. So whether the writers are going to address that moving forward, I look forward to with bated breath.

TVLINE | While we’re talking about couples, Hayley and Elijah had a considerably less happy ending. Should we all mentally stick a fork in that relationship?
Well, I can’t speak to what will happen, only in terms of what did happen Hayley spent most of the show’s five-year time jump with her child, who is now a seven-year-old capable of having her own moral perspective and judgments. Now, Hayley takes a good look around and decides that she wants to provide a great environment that will allow her child to thrive. In Episode 4, she told Elijah, “We have to do better,” and in that moment, I think he knew that 1,000 years of bad behavior is tough to change. And with Klaus taking on the role of being a father, Elijah had to step up and fill the role that Klaus left behind. That was a horrible conflict for him to have to face, yet he did, and he paid a price for it. Even though she’s immortal now, Hayley has only lived about 30 human years on the planet. She has more access to her humanity, more capability of changing her habits and choosing to provide a better environment for her daughter. I don’t know that Elijah can change, which to me, made their situation untenable. Yet despite that choice, there were some moments in this finale where you understood how much they cared for one another and how difficult being separated would be.

TVLINE | In terms of people being able to change, what makes Kol and Davina — who got one of the happier endings — different from Elijah and Hayley?
That’s a great question. And as much as I loved that moment for Kol and Davina, I don’t know that he will change forever. It’s also important to keep in mind that Kol spent a lot of time daggered, and he got to live as a witch. For a brief time, his soul was reawakened to what it’s like to be mortal and to have access to magic. The ability to wield magic is a sense of purpose that was denied Klaus, Elijah and Rebekah. Kol might be a little different, but even with this new lease on life with Davina, he’s still a vampire. Whether or not he can commit to being the best version of himself, that’s all for the writers to choose how they want to move forward in the next season.

TVLINE | This next one isn’t really a question, but I loved seeing Alaric again.
We were very lucky to write a scene with Matt Davis and have him come film it. I was there the day we shot that, and it felt just like old times. He delivered an incredible performance. And I think it’s interesting that, on a show about the Mikaelson family, he had the last words of the season. It’s Alaric who says, “These kids are going to be better.” After everything this family’s done, it’s possible that Hope might not follow in their footsteps, which was a nice way to end.

TVLINE | And I assume Hope’s tuition will be free, considering that incredibly generous donation Klaus made to the school.
[Laughs] You’ll have to take that up with Alaric and Caroline. But it does seem fair, doesn’t it?

TVLINE | Speaking of that donor, he was standing pretty close to Elijah at the end. Was that allowed? What are the rules for this whole separation thing moving forward?
Well, there’s plot truth and there’s emotional truth. The plot truth is that Klaus probably should have stayed away from Elijah. If they remained in close proximity for any degree of time, elements of The Hollow’s spirit would probably reemerge and might even be able to regain entry into the world. But the emotional truth is that I believe some time has passed — enough time for Elijah to go off to start a new life — and Klaus just wanted to check in on his brother, the same brother who was always checking in on him. Klaus sees him, and I believe he wants to get some acknowledgement, but Elijah doesn’t really. Just a head nod, then back to the piano. So Klaus knows his brother has found some tiny moment of peace, and he’s able to now leave and get as far away from his siblings as possible with that knowledge.

TVLINE | You say “some time has passed.” Should we be thinking of that as a time jump?
Yeah, I think so. We didn’t want it to be stated exactly, because it frees you to do anything you want moving forward. But it’s certainly not the next night; Elijah seems to have established himself as a musician. Music is something for Elijah, just as painting is something for Klaus. I thought it was a nice idea that Elijah would go somewhere that means a lot to him. Some aspects of his identity still remain, and it took a little bit of time for Klaus to track him down. And now they have to be divided for good.

TVLINE | I mean, hopefully not for good.
Well, exactly, that’s the great joy of waiting for the next season. Without giving anything away — and without knowing what the writers have planned — and I would be stunned, and I will eat my words, if Klaus and Elijah never see each other ever again.

Fellow Originals enthusiasts, your thoughts on Friday’s finale? Your hopes for Season 5? Drop ’em all in a comment below after grading the episode.

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