Originals Director Charles Michael Davis Talks 'Beautiful' Freya/Keelin Scene, Deleted Jokes and More — Watch a Clip

His character may have been stripped of his crown, but on Friday’s episode of The Originals (The CW, 8/7c), Charles Michael Davis is calling all the shots — from behind the camera, at least.

The emotional hour marks Davis’ first turn as a director, an experience he tells TVLine he would “love to do again,” even though he admits it came with a steep learning curve.

“A big part of it was just learning how to talk to people and find out what their needs are — if they’re feeling insecure, what they’re going through, all of that,” Davis says.

Like any good episode of The Originals, Friday’s installment is fraught with tension — both romantic and violent — but Davis says he’s particularly excited for fans to see one specific scene between Freya and Keelin that he considers “masterful.”

Of shooting the “beautiful” interaction, which is set in a bell tower, Davis recalls, “I would yell cut and [Riley Voelkel and Christina Moses] would both just look at me with these big puppy dog eyes. Like, ‘Did you get it? Did you like it?'”

As for handling the fragile nature of Freya and Keelin’s yet-unspoken connection, Davis says, “I would just whisper into Riley’s ear, ‘You like her, but you don’t even know how much you like her. You can’t control yourself when you look at her. She just does something to you, and you’re trying not to show that.”

He adds, “Then I looked at Christina and said, ‘You really like her, but you can’t fully commit to it because you’re waiting for her to openly say she likes you. So your attention is all on her.'”

“I remember watching it and cheering,” Davis says. “They were both so good.”

Speaking of Freya scenes, TVLine has an exclusive sneak peek at one of her tense interactions with Josh — scroll up if you missed it! — but Davis says there’s more to the story than what we’re seeing.

“It got cut for time, but originally, it looks like Freya’s going to make a move on him when she walks in,” he reveals. “And he goes, ‘Whoa! I’m flattered and all, but you’re not really my type,’ at which point she’s like, ‘Look, I’m just here because I need your help.'” (Editor’s note: I’m not really sure he’s her type, either.)

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