Is Riverdale's Dark Betty Story Icky? Did The Good Place Make Petite Erreur? Is SVU College Cursed? And More TV Qs!

Riverdale Dark Betty

We’ve got questions, and you’ve (maybe) got answers! With another week of TV gone by, we’re lobbing queries left and right about shows including The FlashSEAL Team, Saturday Night Live and The Good Place!

One Day at a Time1 | In One Day at a Time Episode 7, how long did it take before you realized Esmi was being played by Jane the Virgin‘s Ivonne Coll (aka Alba)?

2 | On Jane the Virgin, couldn’t have Jane and Rafael just told the other parents that they live with her mom and dad, instead of claiming Xo and Rogelio’s house as their own?

SNL3 | How the heck did the dog in this SNL reality-TV spoof stay so calm while Will Ferrell and Cecily Strong yelled all around it? And how long did it take you to realize that it wasn’t a stuffed animal?

4 | On Supergirl, shouldn’t Lena have questioned why she woke up at CatCo, and not a hospital, after being treated by paramedics for poisoning? Why would Morgan Edge be wearing an ID lanyard at his own lavish party? And speaking of the soiree, was Kara’s “Don’t. Grab. Women!” retort a bit on-the-nose?

5 | Whodathunk that of Fox’s Monday dramas, Lucifer would name-check Wolverine before The Gifted ever did? And did anyone think/hope that the saucy show would follow through on a Maze/Charlotte/Dan ménage à trois?

6 | Of all the unsanitary things that happen on a typical Bachelor season, does Arie licking a bowling ball qualify as one of the grossest ever? Hell, we won’t even eat finger foods in the midst of knocking down pins at an alley.

7 | If Supergirl is a cosplay option on Black Lightning, does that at least leave open the possibility that she is a flesh-and-blood hero in that show’s universe?

The Flash8 | Given how quickly The Flash zipped through Barry’s trial, are you pleasantly surprised that the show isn’t rushing through the prison arc? (Barry’s now been behind bars for more episodes than he was in Flashpoint!) And again, who at #DCTV do we talk to about writing headlines? (Quote marks?)

9 | Why is ABC airing its special Roseanne revival-themed 20/20 a full six weeks before the show actually returns?

10 | After this week’s Law & Order: SVU-opening attack, and the million bad incidents that preceded it, why would anyone send their kid to Hudson University?

11 | Do you ever feel that TV procedurals have their law enforcement agents “bend the rules” partly so that every other season they can be threatened with termination/disbandment for “going rogue”? (Yep, we’re looking at you, Criminal Minds.)

SEAL Team12 | As Jason Hayes’ SEAL Team stopped to regard the the fallen Echo Team’s caskets, do you think Cerberus was mourning his own counterpart?

13 | In that X-Files hospital evacuation scene, where were all the patients?

14 | Isn’t Riverdale‘s Dark Betty webcam storyline more than a little icky, since it involves an underage girl? And have you ever heard a mobster nickname more ridiculous than “Poppa Poutine”?

15 | After watching The Amazing Race‘s “meaning of life” challenge, would you be content never hearing a phone ring again?

16 | To echo some TVLine readers, would American Crime Story: Andrew Cunanan have been a more accurate title?

The Good Place17 | Did you get major Sam Malone vibes when The Good Place‘s Michael appeared as a bartender to coach Eleanor? Did you spot the ad for “Jean-Ralphio champagne” on the back of Eleanor’s tabloid mag? Wouldn’t Chidi have spoken French once he was alive again and back on Earth? (Or was the fact that he was speaking English a sign that Team Cockroach hasn’t actually been sent back to Earth, but instead are in some sort of simulation?) And based on that final twist, will Season 3 be akin to Lost Season 6?

18 | After what happened to Derek at a hospital other than his own, would Grey’s Anatomy‘s Bailey really risk her life by taking her heart attack to Seattle Pres rather than Grey Sloan? Did Childhood Miranda grow up in a ghost town? Or did the plethora of on-location shots mean there was no money left for background extras? How surprising was it that, instead of the nostalgic 300th episode, this was the installment that got packed with flashbacks? And is every major character getting their own -centric episode this season?

19 | Is Arrow‘s obstinate Rene officially on your very last nerve, Hoss?

20 | Not that we’re complaining — because this should have happened weeks ago — but did The Four purposely edit out most of judge Charlie Walk’s critiques from Thursday’s penultimate episode?

Chicago Fire Recap21 | Is Chicago Fire‘s Casey confident that there was no stretch of sidewalk between the building from whose rooftop he and Severide leapt, and the water they aimed to safely splash down in?

22 | Should Nashville have gone full Ariana Grande and had pop megastar Jonah lick a pastry or two in that donut shop?

23 | Seth Meyers’ Day Drinking segments > James Corden’s Carpool Karaoke, yes?

24 | We ask this delicately and respectfully because we enjoy Laura Benanti very much, but is it perhaps time for The Late Show to wrap up its increasingly tedious send-up of Melania?

Hit the comments with your answers – and any other Qs you care to share!