Matt's Inside Line: Scoop on The Gifted, Black Lightning, The Good Doctor, NCIS, H50, Lucifer, Once, Riverdale and More

Gifted Season 2 Spoilers

Which mutants will The Gifted power up in Season 2? When will Thunder roar on Black Lightning? Why will Hell break loose on Lucifer? Read on for answers to those questions plus teases from other shows. 

The Gifted is an awesome show and I’m looking forward to seeing Season 2. Any early scoop? —Lorraine
In addition to diving deeper into the Hellfire Club and the Purifiers, show boss Matt Nix also has this on his to-do list: “Obviously all these things are up in the air, but I’ve always been interested in exploring the Morlocks in more detail.”

Before she was killed, Hawaii Five-0‘s Michelle Shioma told Adam she knew a secret about him. Did she take that to her grave, or will we find out what that was about? —Belle
Rest assured, you (and other viewers!) soon will find out Michelle’s secret — and it’s a doozy that shakes Adam to his core. It’s definitely to be filed under “Did Not See That Coming.”

Black Lightning: How soon will Jefferson learn about his kids having powers and then suiting up? —Nicole
Though the release of a first look at Thunder, coupled with new Episode 3 stills, would suggest that eldest daughter Anissa is on the verge of fighting herself some crime, the show bosses won’t pin down a timeframe. “You’ve got to watch,” hedges EP Mara Brock Akil. “But it does happen this season.” In the meantime, Nafessa Williams says, “You’ll see in the first episodes [Anissa’s] struggle, with her powers and not being able to tell anybody. How do I keep this a secret? Are people going to think I’m crazy?” (Episode 2, in particular, finds her trying to properly explain the shattered sink to her girlfriend Chenoa, played by Shein Mompremier.) “She’s unsure as to what is even happening, she doesn’t even know how to articulate it with anyone.”

What’s in store for Lucifer‘s Maze and Linda? I love their relationship so much and I can’t wait to see more! —Maria
The ladies’ friendship will be tested when Linda’s attempt to keep a lid on her new romance doesn’t go so well, Rachael Harris tells us. “Linda and Amenadiel are going to move forward with their relationship, even though they’re feeling really apprehensive about it with Maze — Linda most of all, because they are such close friends,” says the actress. “We do keep it on the down low from Maze… and then all Hell kind of breaks loose.” (No pun intended, we think.) “Remember, we’re not dealing with a rational human being in Maze, we’re dealing with a demon!” says Harris. “She’s not so quick to forgive.”

I just watched the Jan. 14 episode of NCIS: Los Angeles. When will the continuation of it air? —Amy
Following a series of preemptions for the Grammys and presumably to dodge Winter Olympics competition, Part 2 of the Hetty rescue mission will air on Sunday, March 11. Until then, here’s a bona fide scoop: the CBS drama is casting the recurring guest star role of Cassie, one of the first women to become a Green Beret. Working in South America to fight the war on drugs and terrorism, Cassie is described as being “maybe too smart for her own good” and someone who “bristles at chain of command.” Hmm, sounds like a prospective new team member to me!

I missed the Blue Bloods episode where Linda Reagan died, and I don’t know how. When did it air and when will it air again? —Loretta
Linda’s off-camera, between-seasons death was revealed midway through the Season 8 premiere, which as a matter of will be repeated next Friday, Jan. 26.

Anything “good” on my new favorite The Good Doctor? —Em
Well, it’s good for Antonia Thomas but pretty darn lousy for her alter ego, Claire. The ABC hit is readying a meaty arc for Dr. Shaun’s maybe-crush via the arrival of her bipolar mom. When we’re first introduced to mum, she’s bounding into San Jose St. Bonaventure on a manic high, which is followed by a massive emotional crash… which itself is followed by a very painful discussion between mother and daughter.

Will we see any interaction between Once Upon a Time’s Rumple and Zelena? Is their feud still going on? —Rebecca
Rebecca Mader told me that yes, we will get to see Rumple’s reaction to Zelena’s appearance in Hyperion Heights. “Oh yeah. Oh yeah. They clock each other and they meet again,” she says. As for lingering tensions, “I mean, I accidentally sort of kind of killed his son!” she notes. Meanwhile in the other realm, we’ll get to witness to the first time Zelena laid eyes on Wish Hook, and be properly puzzled. “You see her not really understand who he is and why he is, and it’s a really funny moment. I really liked that scene, and I think the fans will get a kick out of it.”

Would you please tell me the name of the love song used immediately after Mrs. Kirkman’s vehicle was T-boned on Designated Survivor, as we watched the president react to the news of the accident? —Judy
That was a cover of Yaz’s “Only You,” by Flunk. And while we’re here, some actual scoop courtesy of Italia Ricci: When Season 2 resumes on Wednesday, Feb. 28 (with a 10-week time jump), “As Tom is dealing with the death of his wife — or choosing not to deal with it — his staff has to force him to make decisions that are hard and emotionally uncomfortable.” As for Emily herself, Ricci says, “You’ll see how she and Seth flesh out their relationship and decide if they’re going to be friends… or maybe more.” Wait, Seth? What did I miss??

What’s the deal with Chic on Riverdale? Any chance he’s the real Black Hood? —D.D.
He’s definitely something! “Chic is a strange character. Everything about him is a big question mark,” says Lili Reinhart, who plays Betty. “When he is first introduced and for the first few episodes after that, [Betty] is just trying to figure out who this guy is and what his motives are and what his personality is. It is kind of like he is being played a bit like a sociopath… You can’t really describe his personality, it’s kind of all over the place and changes day by day. You never know what you are going to get when you talk to him.”

What can we expect for Grey’s Anatomy‘s Alex and Jo as a couple? —Burcu
In the immediate aftermath of Thursday’s midseason premiere, expect a lot more Paul drama. But on the other side of that, Jolex at last might be headed for less a happy ending than a happy new beginning. Since Ellen Pompeo has signed on for two more seasons and the show “will go on for as long as she wants it to go on,” Camilla Luddington predicts, there’s plenty of time for the beleaguered lovers to settle down. ” I hope Jo finally has a family,” the Brit shares. “I love her career but [also want her] to have the family that she never got to be part of, so she can have a sort of do-over.”

Any ideas on when NCIS will be bringing back the Switch Hitter Killer, Gabriel Hicks? —Naomi
Funny you should ask: The Hicks storyline picks back up next month in two episodes titled “Keep Your Friend Close” (airing Feb. 6) and “Keep Your Enemies Closer” (Feb. 27). As part of that arc, Gibbs and the team will be reunited with Fornell who was let go from the FBI — and is now working out of his garage as a gumshoe! — following Gibbs’ testimony in the Hicks case.

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