This Is Us Sneak Peek: Jack Springs a [Spoiler] on Rebecca and the Kids

Pearson family, pack your bags!

Because, as Flashback Jack informs Rebecca, Randall and Kate in this exclusive sneak peek at Tuesday’s This Is Us (NBC, 9/8c), The Big Three (and their mom and pop) are goin’ on vacation.

An exuberant Jack rushes home from work to announce the good news — without, it should be noted, consulting his wife — and pretty soon, the kiddos are running up to their rooms to prepare for a week in the Poconos.

Elsewhere in the episode, according to the official (and rather cagey) synopsis, “The Pearsons come together under unexpected circumstances.” Judging from these previously released preview photos, there’s at least one moment of sibling togetherness for adult Kevin, Kate and Randall, who’ve all had rather rough times in the recent past… but we can’t guarantee that the peaceful vibe will last the entire hour.

Anyway, it seems like the Pearsons of the past will get a few days’ R&R, and Jack’s got high hopes that Rebecca will bring a certain piece of swimwear. “We’ve got to get you back in that black bikini,” he says. To see her reaction — as well as get the scoop on why Kevin is missing from this big family moment — press PLAY on the video above. 

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