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Chicago P.D. Star Talks 'Unsettling' Ruzek Cliffhanger, His Mystery Lady

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Warning: The following contains spoilers for Wednesday’s Chicago P.D.

Perhaps it’s Voight, and not the scheming Denny Woods, whom Ruzek should fear?

On Wednesday’s fall finale of Chicago P.D., the young officer finally had enough of Woods’ threats and announced that he was done trying to get dirt on his Intelligence family and boss Voight. It was a brave choice, seeing as how the decision could cost Ruzek his job and possibly even his freedom.

Then another scary scenario emerged: Olinsky took Ruzek on a drive to discretely meet an “informant” before revealing that they were actually meeting Voight for… judgment day? A friendly chat in the middle of the night? (Somehow, we doubt it’s the latter one.)

Below, star Patrick John Flueger talks about that “unsettling” final image and Ruzek’s future within Intelligence. The actor also discusses the nature of the cop’s relationship with the beautiful lawyer who offered him legal advice and whether Burgess’ recent break-up means a “Burzek” reunion is on the horizon.

Chicago PD RecapTVLINE | As I was watching the last scene, I kept thinking, “Is there anything scarier than driving into an empty lot at night and seeing Voight step out of a car?”
Then they gotta do the whole headlight trick, and he walks out in silhouette, with lots of steam in the air… It’s an unsettling situation, to say the least.

TVLINE | Voight has shown himself in the past to be a violent and unpredictable person. Is Ruzek scared of him in that moment?
I think yes. I think if he was thinking a little more logically, if it wasn’t such a shock to be brought to that location, and if he wasn’t so surprised… But in that moment, yeah, I think he’s terrified. Dealing with guilt is maybe just as scary as losing your life sometimes.

TVLINE | We’ve only seen this storyline from Ruzek’s point of view. How much does Voight actually know about what’s been going on?
I think that he suspects that there’s [been] a mole in the unit for a while now. I don’t think he knows who it is. But towards the end of the episode when the judge gives him the info — “If they were going to put on a wire, they’d have to get this kind of warrant to do it” — that’s when it’s confirmed for him. But I would gather he’s a detective. I’m guessing he’s picked up on a couple of my odd cues.

TVLINE | Ruzek has done some questionable things in the name of protecting his family. But he also tells Denny to shove it, basically, in this episode. Does that earn him some points?
I think it certainly will redeem him in the eyes of the audience. I don’t know if he’ll ever have the opportunity to tell Voight just how big of a middle finger he gave Woods. I think the fact that he went so far down the rabbit hole and then he climbed back out, I think that now his loyalty within the unit, his loyalty to Voight, is kind of built-in.

TVLINE | How much is his family’s safety weighing on Ruzek? Are they still in jeopardy?
Yeah, on some level. More than anything, his job security, his life outside of prison, is what’s most in jeopardy. But yeah, [his sister] got busted for DUI, and her child was in the car. I always told myself the story that it’s not like she was driving around hammered drunk. She maybe had that extra glass of wine that made her blow over the legal limit, but she felt capable of driving home. I think in a court of law, that would all be sussed out. She might get in trouble, but I doubt she’d lose her son. But when you’re faced with that possibility, and you’re in the position that Ruzek’s in, and you can bend some rules and shake some hands behind the curtain and make it all go away, make sure that none of that is even a possibility, I would do that. For my little sister, I would absolutely do that. As much as he’s worried about her, he’s worried about his job, and he’s worried about his CPD family, too.

Chicago PD Ruzek New Girlfriend?TVLINE | Last time we talked, you said that Ruzek’s probably been out there, and we did meet a woman in this episode that he seems to have a bit of a history with.
Yeah, I think that they’re two people who like each other. All of these cats from the police force, defense attorneys, prosecutors, they all know each other. They all have a lot of respect for each other. They all make the other person’s job possible. She’s a girl that he knows. He’s probably been at a trial she’s worked on, and I think they go out, they see each other, they’re out drinking, and maybe they’ve fallen into bed a couple of times. But I don’t think it’s anything serious. I think he likes her, and he has a lot of respect for her. She’s somebody he knows he can call and get some information from on his situation without having to say too much and know that she’ll have his back, and she won’t go spouting off about it.

TVLINE | Ruzek also displayed some concern this week for Burgess regarding her recent boyfriend troubles. Does he see a door opening for a possible reunion?
I don’t think he’s looking at it that way. When it comes to her, he wants what’s best for her. He loves her, and he really does want her to be happy. It’s probably the most selfless thing about his life is his relationship with Burgess. He’s actually concerned for her, and I think he feels bad for her, and maybe even feels a little bad because in last week’s episode, there was a lot of chatter about how she should handle the situation. He didn’t tell her she should break up with him, but he didn’t tell her not to either. He didn’t tell her to go against [her boyfriend], but he didn’t tell her not to go against him either.

TVLINE | Is it more important for him right now to be a friend to her rather than try to win her back?
I think so, yeah. He’s got enough on his plate. They’re so close that in this time where he’s got all of this seedy stuff happening behind the curtain… [If] they have too many heart-to-hearts and too quiet of a situation, he’s going to start telling her things, and then suddenly she becomes complicit. When he checks in with her in the beginning, that’s honestly what he’s doing. He’s just checking in to see if she’s alright. I don’t think there’s any scheme behind it.

TVLINE | And maybe slow and steady wins the race?
Exactly! I always say this with them: I think if she went off and got married tomorrow, he would support her, and he would still be madly in love with her, and he would be there for her as much as she needed him to be.

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