The Exorcist Video: Marcus Taunts the Demon, Tomas Has a Bloody Fright

No more Mr. Nice Andy.

As this exclusive sneak peek from tonight’s episode of The Exorcist (Fox, 9/8c) shows, John Cho’s usually affable character is no longer the easygoing, kind foster dad we met at the beginning of the season. (In his defense, the same might happen to you if you were being tormented by a demon wearing the face of your dead spouse.) But he’s holding it together as best he can… even when Ben Daniels’ Marcus starts asking pointed questions about the kids and playing with the (bloody?) rock that Tomas saw in the workshop in the last episode.

“Did you seek counseling after your wife died?” Marcus inquires, and as Andy’s anger increases, something rather spooky manifests behind the ex-priest.

And where’s Alfonso Herrera’s Father Tomas during this whole exchange? Thanks to a horrifying vision he has at the top of the clip, he’s outta commission for the moment. Can’t say we blame him.

When Cho recently spoke with TVLine, he prepped us for the “tremendous” scene — of which you’re seeing a part — that brings the exorcists and Andy to a standoff. “I think it was nine pages long, which is  a lot in a TV script, and we played it as one scene, like a play,” he said. “It was one of the delights of my life to do that kind of scene with those guys.”

Press PLAY on the video above, then hit the comments with how you think this haunting is going to play out.

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