Matt's Inside Line: Scoop on Once, Scorpion, Blindspot, X-Files, The Flash, NCIS, Ghosted, Chicago Fire and More

Are Once Upon a Time‘s “CaptainSwan” fans getting a happy middle? Will Scorpion pair make beautiful music together? Is NCIS losing another vet? Might Ghosted scare up doppel-guffaws? Get answers to those questions plus teases from other shows.

What can we look forward to in this Friday’s Once Upon a Time, when Jennifer Morrison returns? —Mary
The second episode of Season 7 “fills in what happened with Emma after the end of Season 6,” says co-creator Eddy Kitsis. As it does so, Kitsis says that fans of Emma, Hook and the “happy beginning” that they earned will “feel happy, and relieved and, like anything, they’ll want more.” (As for Hook’s new Hyperion Heights persona, in the same episode we will learn that Rogers has a case he’s never solved that haunts him — and that has fairy tale repercussions.) Bonus scoop: In case you missed it, at the top of last week’s Ask Ausiello Live I shared that Once‘s winter finale will introduce a twentysomething female who is A) related to someone we know and B) will be a love interest to a character we’ll see this season.

I am a huge Once Upon A Time fan, and was also a fan of Reign. Would you happen to have any scoop on Adelaide Kane as Drizella? –Marcos
As both Drizella and Hyperion Heights’ Ivy, “She definitely puts the ‘wicked’ in wicked stepsister, I can tell you that much,” Kitsis answers. “She’s not one to be underestimated — and yet certain characters make that mistake.”

ScorpionDo you have any Scorpion scoop on Walter and Paige’s relationship? Like, what kind of obstacles they will be facing? —Stephanie
In upcoming episodes you are going to see the difference between Walter’s high IQ and Paige’s high EQ become a concern for the couple. As a result, Walter, who for example doesn’t logically understand Paige’s love of music, might try to find a way to “connect” with her in that regard (affording Elyes Gabel another chance to tap into own real-life talents).

Any scoop about where The Flash‘s Caitlin has been for the last six months? –Lauryn
The next episode doesn’t shed any light on what exactly Caitlin’s obligation is to Norvok and their mutual “boss” Amunet, though we do see her struggle not to “Frost out” at an extremely inopportune moment. (As for the chill witnessed between Caitlin and Iris in the premiere, Danielle Panabaker recently told us the ladies understandably have “a lot of feelings” about what happened during Savitar’s reign of terror, “but hopefully there’s some healing that can be had as well.” Bonus scoop: I just need to say that the next Flash episode is so flippin’ funny, very much in keeping with the promise of a lighter Season 4 and serving up one of its most hysterical sight gags ever. (Let’s just say that Barry’s worst foe in the aforementioned moment may be the ever-industrious Cisco.)

What can you tease about Supergirl’s Reign? —Simy
While I was on the horn with show boss Andrew Kreisberg, I tried to get a bead on what exact powers Samantha might wield once she realizes her destiny as the worldkiller, and he hedged, only saying, “She will be more than a physical match for Supergirl.”

Regarding Bridget Regan’s “first American Christmas” movie, will this be on Hallmark and will you let us know when it airs? Also did Bridget tell you who will be playing opposite her as the “double-booked cabin” dad? —Donna
Airing Saturday, Dec. 23, Christmas Getaway is indeed a Hallmark TV-movie. And as for her co-star, you may have heard of him: The Last Ship‘s Travis Van Winkle! #Dansha #Grooper

I love Fox’s Ghosted. I’m in for the season. Will the show tap into sister Fox show Fringe and show Maxes and Leroys from different universes? —Nicole
Ooh, good question — one that deserves a good response from, say, Adam Scott? “Hey Nicole, thanks for the question!” writes the Ghosted star/EP. “Well, listen: the multiverse is a complex place. So yeah—there’s always the possibility of many Maxes, a bunch of Leroys and of course several dozen Kevin Spaceys. Will we see them on the show? Maybe! Depends which universe you watch it in….”

Greetings from France! Any spoilers on The X-Files Season 11? —Yannick
Mais oui! As teased at Sunday’s New York Comic-Con panel (moderated by TVLine’s very own Michael Ausiello), The X-Files is giving Mitch Pileggi’s Skinner his very own origin episode. “You’re going to find out a lot more about his past,” the actor told Ausiello just before taking the stage. “Fans will find out who he is, where he comes from and why he is the way he is.” Pileggi promises that the installment — Season 11’s sixth (out of 10) — will reveal his cranky FBI boss to be much more than just a guy “who sits in the office bitching at Scully and Mulder,” adding, “Ultimately, he is their champion.”

Mayor Ratings Renewed CancelledMy question is about The Mayor: Will there be anything romantic going on between Courtney and Valentina? —Phylicia
In a word, possimaybe? As series creator Jeremy Bronson said when I delivered your Q, Mayor Rose and his chief of staff “are coming at problems very, very differently. Courtney is super-smart but he attacks everything with his heart first, while Valentina is very tactical.” As a result, “There’s a great chemistry there naturally.” But as for romance, he said, “My generally philosophy on things like that is to see how those relationships develop organically.”

Any scoop on what Tasha Zapata will be up to at the CIA when Blindspot returns? — Barbara
“We all saw that Tasha was getting sick of the FBI’s by-the-book mentality and wanted to go make a difference, her way, with an organization like the CIA,” show boss Martin Gero notes. “Keaton has taken her under his wing and she has thrived there. When she comes back to join her old team, it takes some adjustment both in terms of how she’s used to operating and the personal dynamics with her old friends.”

Can you give us any scoop on what we can expect for Chicago Fire’s Dawsey? Like will they be a family? Or lots of romance for them? — Theresa
Asked if there’s any baby talk on the horizon, showrunner Derek Haas replied, “Not yet.” But there are still “some milestones coming up” for the couple, like Casey getting promoted to Captain. “It’s something that [Dawson] wants for him,” Haas explains. “She thinks that him getting promoted and getting up to chief means a lot more behind-the-desk [work] and standing outside of incidents instead of running into burning buildings.”

Will Monica Barbaro make any more visits to Chicago P.D. (as ASA Anna Valdez) this season after Episode 4? I miss her on Chicago Justice. —Carlynn
As of now there is nothing scheduled for Barbaro beyond the episode “Snitch,” airing next Wednesday.

Timeless Renewed CancelledSomething been bugging me for a while about Timeless: Considering the now-eliminated nasty diseases of the 18th and 19th centuries (like tuberculosis, cholera and smallpox), does the Time Team get vaccinated before they every jump, or do they just cross their fingers and hope for the best? —Ryan
“Great question,” co-showrunner Shawn Ryan said when I presented your Q. “We’ve discussed that but haven’t really addressed it in an episode yet. We may turn it into an episode at some point.”

Is there anything you can share about Tani Rey’s or Junior Reign’s backstories on Hawaii Five-0? Do they have families in Hawaii, etc.? —Belle
We will be meeting Junior’s ex-girlfriend Layla (played by onetime Vampire Diaries student Anna Enger), while Tani’s slacker brother Koa (Kunal Sharma) will continue to pop up here and there, next on Nov. 3.

NCIS Ducky LeavingI heard about Abby’s exit, but the last scene of NCIS this week has me needing to know: Is Ducky gone now, too? —Jeff
I am assured that David McCallum is still very much a series regular, and that Ducky’s new gig is merely the launch of a new storyline for the long-running character. During breaks in writing his book, he will also work some cases, though the storyline does pave the way for Palmer to really cut his teeth as the ME running lead.

Could you please tell me what the song was at the end of the NCIS season premiere? —Joni
You likely tracked this down by now, but this was my first opportunity to answer via Inside Line: that was Ryan Adams’ “Broken Things” playing as McGee reunited with Delilah.

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