Is This Is Us Evoking HIMYM? What Is Star Trek: Discovery's Biggest Retcon? An Unbelievable Fire? And More Qs!

We’ve got questions, and you’ve (maybe) got answers! With another week of TV gone by, we’re lobbing queries left and right about shows including Star Trek: Discovery, This Is Us, Chicago Fire and Grey’s Anatomy!

1 | How would Fuller House‘s Danny have gone through an entire divorce without anyone in the family finding out? And after visiting the straight-out-of-a-Disney Channel sitcom Gibbler house, do you maybe wish that Kimmy’s childhood home had been kept a mystery?

2 | Outlander purists, how are you feeling about the Starz series’ resurrection of Murtagh?

3 | Did Star Trek: Discovery give away Captain Georgiou’s fate by billing Michelle Yeoh as only a “special guest star”? Why send a high-ranking officer like Burnham vs. an expendable ol’ Redshirt into space to examine a foreign object? Is the new series’ most egregious retcon the suggestion that Klingons, not Romulans, invented cloaking technology?

4 | Was it thoughtful — or totally weird — of Fear the Walking Dead‘s infected masses to stay off the highway, thus giving Nick and Troy a clear path back to the ranch?

5 | What part of Kevin Can Wait‘s handling of Donna’s death was most “respectful” to Erinn Hayes: A) the fact that it was discussed for all of 23 seconds or B) that the reveal ended with a terrible punchline about a kung fu coupon (as seen here)?

6 | Scorpion‘s Paige got real pessimistic about her relationship with Walter real fast, didn’t she? Are you starting to get the vibe that this couple just isn’t meant to work out?

7 | In The Good Doctor‘s premiere, why hadn’t any EMTs shown up by the time it took Shaun to assess the injured boy, run off to procure supplies, get tackled by airport security, prep him for emergency surgery and assemble that one-way valve?

8 | Do The Voice contestants’ virtually-mandated sad backstories make you wonder whether your own would be heart-tugging enough to get you to the Blind Auditions?

9 | Is This Is Us‘ doling out of “How did Jack die?” clues, coupled with the hyper-scrutiny surrounding that puzzle, starting to feel like How I Met Your Mother‘s “Who’s the mother?” mystery, and not in a good way? Did Kevin and Kate forget to call and wish Randall a happy 37th birthday? Do these personal effects (above right), pristine contractor’s log included, look like they were found on someone killed in a fire? Speaking of which, TVLine reader KS wonders, “If the Pearson home was destroyed in a fire, why do they still have so many family mementos? Pictures, the Pilgrim Rick hat, etc.”

10 | Was there a more depressing five-minute stretch of TV this week than the end of This Is Us followed by the opening scene of Law & Order True Crime, with its graphic depiction of the Menendez murders?

11 | How did NCIS‘ McGee return from captivity appearing more robust than when he left, after a two-month diet of sparse beans and chicken scraps?

12 | If Brooklyn Nine-Nine gang leader Romero can smuggle cell phones into prison, shouldn’t he be able to also sneak in his own picante beef-flavored ramen soups? Did jokes about cannibal Caleb feasting on children rub you the wrong way?

American Horror Story: Cult13 | Didn’t the weighted bar with which American Horror Story: Cult‘s Harrison began murdering Vinny look awfully non-lethally light when the killer tossed it off of his victim?

14 | On SVU, how do people — such as Brian Cassidy this week — always show up at Olivia’s apartment door unannounced? Don’t they have to get buzzed in or something?

15 | Burgess’ new boyfriend on Chicago P.D.: real or not?

16 | Designated Survivor has now given us at least two overt references to President Kirkman’s wife having Russian roots — will they ultimately tie into this exit?

17 | Did Criminal Minds‘ unceremoniously discharged Damon Gupton magnanimously return just to play Walker’s corpse in two scenes, or was that an uncanny stand-in?

18 | The SEAL Team K-9 will always come out of missions OK, right? Right??

19 | Is Ilana’s new waitress job on Broad City really so lucrative that she can afford to throw money around like she did this week?

Project Runway20 | Wouldn’t the Project Runway judges totally rip apart this JC Penny Project Runway collection? And how is it that the winning dress looked so special on the runway yet is so incredibly bland on JCP’s site? Is it the tweaked hemline and sleeves?

21 | As bananapants as the Grey’s Anatomy premiere was, did it perhaps try to cover too much ground, to the point that tracking everything was exhausting? Though funny, wasn’t it also mean of back-from-the-dead Megan to pretend she didn’t know her worried-sick brother Owen? And how brilliant/logical was it to bring back Kim Raver’s Teddy? (Her reactions to Owen and Nathan’s assorted/questionable marriages/dalliances was hilarious.)

22 | Which attempt by Will & Grace to make sure viewers knew it was 2017 came off as more groan-worthy: Jack’s Grindr rant, or Grace referring to Will as “woke”? And is it odd that Will, Grace and Jack all gave Karen a pass with regard to her support of Trump, especially in light of POTUS’ transgender military ban?

23 | Chicago Fire fans, were you relieved or disappointed that everyone — even Mouch, who had a heart attack during the blaze! — survived the season finale cliffhanger? Was it just too unrealistic?

24 | How much longer do you expect Superstore to hold out on an Amy/Jonah relationship, now that she is divorcing Adam?

25 | If you have already cued up Amazon’s Tin Star premiere, were you shocked that the brutal, blood-splattered cold open did not turn out to be a complete fake-out/misdirect?

Hit the comments with your answers – and any other Qs you care to share!