Did Twin Peaks' Bowie Encore Satisfy? Which Defenders Hero Are You Most Hot For? GoT Shops Lowe's? And More Qs

We’ve got questions, and you’ve (maybe) got answers! With another week of TV gone by, we’re lobbing queries left and right about shows including Insecure, The Last Ship, Twin Peaks and The Bold Type!

1 | In The Defenders Episode 5, wouldn’t Colleen have smelled that Danny & Co. had just emerged from a sewer? And in Episode 7, did you notice that Matt woke up in a strange police station holding room and made a beeline for a chair he couldn’t have known was there, to grab a coat he could only presume was there? Can we assume that Luke buys his hoodies in bulk, at like a Costco? And can we see him do exactly that in Season 2 of his own series?

3 | Given Phillip Jeffries’ actual presence (of sorts) these past two weeks, has Twin Peaks satisfied your need for a post-mortem David Bowie encore? Did Catherine Coulson’s own real-life passing make losing the Log Lady exponentially heartbreaking? And with only three of 18 “parts” left to air, how few episodes of a self-aware FBI Agent Dale Cooper will be too damn few?

4 | Can we arrange for Insecure‘s Molly to go get an eye exam, since she rejected Sterling K. Brown to go sleep with a married man (albeit one in a supposedly open marriage)? And considering Issa Rae’s alter ego was texting and driving when she rear-ended that vehicle, shouldn’t she have at the very least received a citation?

Game of Thrones5 | Game of Thrones fan/TVLine reader Pinkham asks: “Where did the White Walkers get giant-ass chains to pull the dragon out of the lake?! It’s not like there’s a Lowe’s in the middle of the North.” Meanwhile, we want to know: Why didn’t Jon bring some of that dragonglass to kill the White Walkers? And just how fast can ravens fly, anyway, since Daenerys was able to swoop in and save Jon Snow’s men in the nick of time? Last but not least, after six years of juggling dozens of storylines and hundreds of characters, is the HBO series finally “easy” to follow?

6 | On Chesapeake Shores, how unbelievable was it that Jess’ tech-novice mom built a really nice website for the B&B just by consulting some guide books?

7 | In the same week, did both The Last Ship‘s Giorgio and Blood Drive‘s Slink get the gladiator-style “kill” signal wrong? (In Roman times, one actually gave a thumb up as in “Yes, end him.”) 

8 | Is Bachelor in Paradise going to keep dredging up this DeMario/Corinne thing all season long, or can we get back to the brainless beach hi-jinks at some point?

9 | After a Difficult People episode that featured Jane Krakowski, Victor Garber, Susan Lucci and Coco Austin, we have to ask: Is the Hulu comedy doing enough with any of its guest stars to justify this season’s over-reliance on stunt casting?

10 | How did The Bold Type go from impending layoffs to expanding the digital department (with not a single person in editorial or fashion losing their job)?! And wasn’t it nice to see a TV character voicing their appreciation for having access to healthcare via their job?

11 | Could Shooter‘s top-secret Project Atlas project be the same as Salvation‘s top-secret Project Atlas? #CrossoverAlert

12 | Do Blood Drive‘s Grace (played by Christina Ochoa) and Karma (Alex McGregor, pictured) belong in TV’s Uncanny Sibling Casting Hall of Fame?

13 | Is Josh’s new girlfriend on Younger the most Mary Sue character to ever Mary Sue? And why wasn’t there a bigger reaction to Josh punching Charles at the company picnic? Do all Empirical gatherings end with the boss getting clocked in his face?

14 | Would Salvation‘s young, edgy hackers really be referring to money as “cheese”? (Unless they just got done watching a James Cagney movie?) And TV writers, can we please get a moratorium on the overused “You’re direct — I like that” line (as Darius said to Dylan?)

15 | Has Zoo lost you with all of the retconning going on, about who was where and up to what during the events of Seasons 1 and 2? Like, exactly how much more backstory is Abigail going to get?

16 | Did Alec Baldwin’s surprise Weekend Update appearance as President Trump underwhelm? Has the bit grown stale? Or was any potential cameo destined to pale in comparison to Tina Fey’s?

17 | Has Katy Perry’s reaction to Taylor Swift’s music video for “Look What You Made Me Do,” premiering at the VMAs, already usurped the Game of Thrones finale as this Sunday’s most highly anticipated TV event?

18 | What do you think is behind the dramatic uptick in social media activity from the Grey’s Anatomy set this season? (And is Shonda Rhimes vetting each image to ensure they are spoiler-free?)

19 | Hey, laundry detergent people: Is it well past time to retire that tired Ty Burrell-smelling-girlfriend’s-scarf commercial or what?

Hit the comments with your answers – and any other Qs you care to share!