Post Mortems

Insecure Series Finale: Tristen J. Winger Talks Thug Yoda's Closing Scene, the HBO Comedy's Lasting Legacy

When Issa Rae talks about creating Insecure‘s resident riddler, Thug Yoda, she says the loving father and Blood was inspired by a similar man she once saw at the post office, who was cursing into his phone one minute and doting on his young daughter the next. READ MORE

Post Mortems

Insecure EP Compares Those Lawrence and Nathan Showdowns to a Western

Warning: This post includes spoilers from Insecure Season 5 Episode 9. Proceed at your own risk.

Lawrence and Nathan didn’t sport cowboy hats or carry six-shooters, but Insecure‘s executive producer Prentice Penny says he shot Sunday’s installment like a Western READ MORE