Alec Baldwin's Trump Makes Surprise Weekend Update Appearance

Alec Baldwin just couldn’t stay away all summer. Saturday Night Live‘s resident Donald Trump impersonator opened Thursday’s Weekend Update Summer Edition by lampooning POTUS’ recent rally in Phoenix, Ariz.

“Wow, how about that eclipse, folks?” Trump asked the audience. “Now, a lot of people don’t know this, but you can damage your eyes while looking at an eclipse. No one could have predicted this. They couldn’t have. I figured it out all by myself.”

Afterwards, Trump confronted the the rally’s one black attendee (played by Kenan Thompson), asking, “Because of the eclipse, I can’t tell: Are you really black?” The rally-goer responded, “Well, that’s what the ad said you was looking for!”

Trump then promised to perform all of his greatest hits, including “drain the swamp” and “lock her up.” He also defended his decision to hold a rally just eight months into his first term, alleging that VP Mike Pence was already campaigning to succeed him in 2020. He then attempted to paint himself the victim of the recent tragedy in Charlottesville, before accidentally reading quotes from the infamous Access Hollywood bus tape instead of his initial “on many sides” remarks.

Trump wrapped things up by bringing out Steve “Grim Reaper” Bannon for a “proper goodbye.”

What did you think of Baldwin’s latest turn as Trump?