Midnight, Texas Townies Give Manfred a Chilling Vampire Education — Watch

Midnight Texas video season 1 episode 3 lemuel unchained

There’s a reason Midnight, Texas‘ Lemuel seems like someone you wouldn’t want to cross: Even other vampires are afraid of him. 

The reasons behind Lem’s legendary stature among his fellow bloodsuckers is explained in this exclusive clip from this Monday’s episode (NBC, 10/9c). During the hour, a group of his old friends arriving in town, eager to get the vamp band back together. This is weird on its own — “Vampires avoid Midnight,” the Rev. informs us — but given all the bad juju that’s been going around, Manfred is pretty sure that Lem’s undead pals want more than just to reminisce over a few pints of O-neg. And as you’ll see in the sneak peek, some of the town’s other residents share his suspicions.

“Things are gettin’ real weird here,” Bobo notes, bringing up the whole Aubrey debacle before Fiji brings up the Rev’s escape and the demons under Manfred’s house. “And now vampires. Delightful,” Manfred deadpans.

Before the episode is over, per the synopsis, Bobo and Fiji will come up with their own plan for handling the fanged ones; Manfred and Olivia will do some digging; and Joe will confess something of vital importance to the Rev.

Press PLAY on the video below to watch the Midnighters strategize, then hit the comments with your thoughts. 

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