Game of Thrones: Did One Line in This Week's Episode Change Everything?

Game of Thrones Season 7 Prophecy Prince Princess Promised

Warning: This post contains spoilers for Sunday’s Game of Thrones

And just like that, Game of Thrones‘ promised savior seems that much more promising.

Melisandre met Daenerys in Sunday’s episode — read our full recap here —  and it wasn’t long before the two formidable women started discussing the Red Priestess’ favorite subject: The Prince Who Was Promised, aka the reincarnation of legendary hero Azor Ahai. Fans of the show will recall that Melisandre used to think Stannis was the prophesied savior of mankind, but as of late (and in light of his death), she’s had second thoughts.

Those familiar with the series and/or George R. R. Martin’s books know that the admittedly very heroic Jon Snow is the first name to come up when the prophecy gets bandied about. But in Sunday’s episode, one line uttered by Missandei broke the divination wide open.

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“The Long Night is coming. Only the prince who was promised can bring the dawn,” Melisandre told Daenerys, who replied, “I’m afraid I’m not a prince.” And that’s when her trusty translator piped up.

“Your grace, forgive me, but your translation is not quite accurate,” Missandei said. “That noun has no gender in high Valyrian, so the proper translation for that prophecy would be “the prince or princess who was promised will bring the dawn.”

“Doesn’t really roll off the tongue, does it?” Tyrion said. “No,” khaleesi responded, “but I like it better.” Zing!

If there’s a stronger indication that Daenerys might wind up ruler of the seven kingdoms, we haven’t heard it. Still, of course Melisandre — likely still smarting from backing the wrong Baratheon horse way back — hedged a little when Daenerys asked whether she thought the fortune referred to her, adding that Jon Snow probably also has a crucial role to play in events to come.

So, with that said, we’ve got a question for you. Given Missandei’s crucial language intel in this week’s episode…