The Leftovers Boss: 'There's No Excuse Not to Show More Dongs' on Television

the leftovers full frontal male nudity damon lindelof interview

When about halfway through The Leftovers’ final season, Damon Lindelof sent streaking down the corridor of a submarine a fit Frenchman, periscope out, it wasn’t merely to serve the plot, it was also to make a point. “There’s an incredible disproportion between naked women and naked men on television,” he tells TVLine. “And if you’re going to do a show on HBO, which is one of the few places where you can do full frontal nudity, there’s no excuse not to show more dongs. I’m passionate about it.”

For those of you who haven’t been keeping up with the johnsons, in The Leftovers’ three seasons (which conclude Sunday at 9/8c), the EP has also startled viewers by having Christopher Eccleston and Chris Zylka reveal their leading-manhoods. “The audience still has a very odd reaction to seeing male genitalia,” says Lindelof. “Yet when they see female genitalia or naked breasts, they’re completely nonchalant about it. [So] I’m just the beginning of the vanguard, but I want to normalize male nudity on television.”

Though the most obvious and effective way to accomplish that goal might be to have his series star Justin Theroux bare all — especially considering how often his character is in the buff — Lindelof has never had him go to the same, er, lengths as his castmates. (Even after sweatpants-gate.) “Justin wants to leave something to the imagination,” he says, adding that while “my vanity plate is FFRNTL… I’d never ask an actor who is uncomfortable doing nudity to do nudity.” (Reporting by Michael Ausiello)

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