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Grey's Anatomy Season 14: Megan Is Alive! — What Happens Next?

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TVLine hits rewind on the TV season’s biggest “What Happens Next” finales, then invites you to predict the cliffhanger outcomes.

Grey Sloan might have been on fire for most of the Season 13 finale of Grey’s Anatomy, but it was really Meredith’s newly official relationship with Nathan that seemed to go up in flames.

After learning that her boyfriend’s lost love Megan wasn’t, as he’d believed for years, dead, Grey gently broke the news to Riggs, and once he got over his initial shock, he was, as you’d expect, elated. In fact, he was so elated that he giddily embraced Mer, lifting her off the ground and swinging her around before realizing that… oh, right. He was, in a way, celebrating the fact that their fledgling romance had been killed by Megan’s resurrection.

“Don’t apologize,” Mer said, beaming. “If this were Derek, I would already be gone.”

And, with that, Nathan took off to join Owen and Amelia at the military hospital to which Megan was being flown. But was it all really as cut-and-dried as that? Having fought so hard to win over Mer, would Riggs really find it so easy to end what they’d begun? In Season 14, would he and Megan pick up where they left off so long ago? Given her dicey mental state, would that even be possible? And if it was, would she want to? He had, after all, cheated on her.

Rewatch Nathan and Mer’s parting below, then vote on your predicted outcome.

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