Will Quantico Make Alex and Owen a Couple? The Show's Boss Weighs In

Quantico Season 2 Alex Owen Couple Spoilers

You might’ve noticed Quantico‘s Alex and Owen growing closer in the past few weeks. (Exhibit A: that cozy scene at The Gold Leaf in Monday’s episode.) But if you think the show is planning to put the two spies in a romantic relationship, showrunner Joshua Safran says, you’ve got some bad intel.

Though it bucks a trend common to hour-long dramas, the ABC series is moving Priyanka Chopra and Blair Underwood’s characters toward a deep friendship but not romance, the showrunner maintains.

“She’s starting to find an unlikely ally in Owen because he’s somebody who did give up everything for this line of work and did go it alone,” Safran tells TVLine. “The two of them start to be drawn together — and I don’t mean romantically. I just mean personally… She knows that he knows what it’s like, and he sees her going through it at a level that he never went through.”

So as Season 2 barrels toward its conclusion on May 15, expect to see more of the two task force members “finding common ground in helping each other,” Safran says. But if Alex’s relationship with Ryan has taught her anything, the EP adds, it’s that “she knows for the rest of her life she’s always going to have to stand separate and alone. At the end of the season, she understands that more than ever. Her arc this season is making peace with that.”

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