We Got an Answer to the Girls Finale Question No One Was Asking

Girls Series Finale Lena Dunham Hannah Baby Grover

Sunday’s Girls finale tied up some key loose ends concerning Hannah and her new miniature male sidekick. But we did have one crucial question regarding her newborn son that the farewell didn’t answer: What’s little Grover’s middle name?

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OK, so maybe it’s not “crucial,” in any sense of the word. But it was bugging us, so we reached out to star/creator Lena Dunham (via HBO) to see if such an answer even exists. And we quickly learned that it does. Even though she chose not to reveal it on screen, Dunham did indeed christen Grover with a middle name, and she tells TVLine exclusively that it is… (we feel the need to insert a spoiler warning here but it’s not really a spoiler but we’re going to include one anyway just to build some suspense into the proceedings so SPOILER ALERT).

It’s Theo. The kid’s middle name is Theo.

Sadly, Dunham didn’t shed any light on why she chose Theo. We know “Grover” hails from the baby’s father Paul-Louis, who told Hannah he was fond of the moniker. But we’re at a loss to explain Theo. A cursory Google search yielded no characters on Girls named Theo, so it’s not a tribute to anyone we’ve met.

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Is Hannah a big fan of our 26th president, Theodore Roosevelt? Does she revere the works of acclaimed novelist Theodore Dreiser? (This is pretty likely, actually.) Or is she just nursing a crush on The Cosby Show-era Malcom-Jamal Warner? We may never know. And we’re cool with that. We’re just happy to put this nagging issue behind us.

So, without further adieu, please join us in formally welcoming Grover Theo Horvath to the world.