Girls EP Solves the Final Season's Biggest Mystery: Where Was Shosh?

Girls Season 6 Shosh

Conspiracy theorists, prepare to be greatly disappointed.

No, Girls creator/star Lena Dunham did not have Zosia Mamet locked up in some abandoned Bushwick warehouse during filming of the HBO comedy’s sixth and final season. Turns out the explanation behind the dearth of Shoshanna during the series’ 10-episode swan song is far less dramatic, according to executive producer Jenni Konner, who tells TVLine, “It’s just creatively how we told the story.”

Konner says Mamet’s minimal screen time was essentially foreshadowed in Episode 2 when Shosh experienced her “I picked the wrong friends” epiphany at the WEMUN mixer. “The whole point of the ending for Shosh is that Shosh is on her own and doesn’t want to be with these people, so it wouldn’t really make sense to have her around that much [after that],” Konner argues. “Every season someone is missing somewhere. We’re not a show that says, “OK, here are our four characters — what are they all doing?'”

Girls also isn’t a show that sends a couple riding off into the sunset together just because they seem perfect for one another, which is why, in the end, Ray and Shosh went their separate ways. “He was her first and they will always know each other,” reasons Konner. “But I don’t think they are destined for each other.”

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