Girls Finale Recap: So, Did Hannah Finally Grow Up? Grade the Episode!

Girls Finale

Warning: This post contains spoilers from the series finale of Girls.

It took until the series finale, but Hannah Horvath finally put on her big Girls pants.

The HBO comedy’s final episode finds the a voice of her a generation already a new mother, thanks to a time jump of five months. Welcome to the world, Grover! As we saw at the end of the previous installment, she’s living in that little New York town and about to start teaching “Internet writing” or some ridiculousness at a college.

But the novelty of the new mom’s decision to strike out on her own has worn off, as we see in “Latching.”

What else happens in the episode? Glad you asked:

* We open on a shot of Marnie and Hannah spooning, just like in the series premiere. Why is Marnie there? She’s pulling an Adam and wants to help Hannah raise her baby. It’s a sweet offer and all, but “currently living in my mom’s home gym” is not a great reason to become a surrogate parent, Marn. Still, her “I love you the most” reasoning gets through to Hannah, who agrees.

* Marnie is, of course, a huge proponent of breastfeeding. “I was never breastfed, and I’m a dream and a ray of sunshine,” Hannah counters, saying that she’s not super into the whole “breast is best” thing. Then it turns into a fight over Marnie singing in the car, and later, as they argue over Hannah’s boob technique, it’s clear that the situation is not quite as Playing House as Marnie probably wants it to be. (Side note: Points for the show’s sly nod to Allison Williams’ no-nudity clause — in reference to Marnie’s nipple, Hannah says, “I’ve known you for a long time, and I don’t think I’ve seen it.”

* After a meltdown (Hannah’s, not the baby’s), Marnie calls Hannah’s mom to come help, which irks the new mom. “I’m sorry we didn’t make any jam. I’m sorry you didn’t meet, like, a hot woodworker,” Hannah shoots back. And Loreen’s not much comfort. When Hannah complains about how bad everything is, Loreen reassures her, “Things will get so much harder, you won’t even remember this part.”

* Loreen has little patience for her kid’s histrionics. When Hannah says Grover hates her, Grandma reminds her, “He’s a g-ddamn baby, and you are all he has.” Hannah doesn’t like that answer very much.

* Marnie has awkward role-playing FaceTime sex with Delvin P. from Weehawken. And then Loreen walks in on her, which is the only thing that could possibly make it worse. In a heart-to-heart after, Loreen asks why Marnie thinks that her happiness comes second to Hannah’s, then offers the cautionary tale of her long and ultimately unsuccessful marriage. They wind up smoking and drinking wine on the porch.

* While on a walkabout after storming out of the house, Hannah runs into crying, pantsless young woman who had an “emergency incident.” Absent the use of a cell phone, which the girl requests, Hannah gives the girls her mom jeans to wear. When the story comes out, the “emergency incident” is that the girl’s mother forbid her from seeing her boyfriend until she finished her homework. “OK, give me back my jeans,” Hannah says. (Heh.) And then Hannah lets loose a diatribe about motherhood in which she overidentifies with the selfish teen’s mother. “She’ll take care of you forever even if it means endless, endless pain!” she shouts as the girl runs away… still wearing Hannah’s pants.

* Hannah comes home to find her mom and best friend outside while Grover sleeps upstairs. “We gave him formula, and he liked it,” Marnie says. And when the baby starts crying, a newly resigned (?) Hannah goes to her son, picks him up and puts him to her chest — where he latches right away. “That’s good, Grover,” she says.

Now it’s your turn. What did you think of the episode? Grade the finale via the poll below, then log your thoughts in the comments.

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