Quantico EP Teases Caleb's Return

Quantico Season 2 Caleb Return

First off, Quantico showrunner Joshua Safran feels your pain.

He’s aware that those promos that teased the return of Caleb Haas made it seem like it was going to happen weeks ago instead of in Episode 18, which airs April 17.

The confusion came when the network put together a promo of cool stuff that would happen in the remainder of the ABC drama’s sophomore run, “but they never said ‘This season on Quantico,” Safran explains. “It looked like it was next week.”

Rest assured, Graham Rogers returns to the role of President Haas’ son in an hour titled “KUMONK,” which finds his brother, Clay, meeting with their mom to discuss the task force’s future.

“I promise, he’s there for more than one episode,” Safran says, noting that Rogers work on other shows — such as Showtime’s Ray Donovan — dictated the length of the long-absent Haas brother’s stay. “That’s just the way that it is. I feel bad about that, but at the same time, when he comes, it’s excellent,” the executive producer adds. “I hope people hang with it and feel rewarded when it comes.”

The showrunner also recalls that Caleb wasn’t well-liked when the series began, which is ironic, given the persistent queries about when he’ll return.

“What I think it was about him was, at the very beginning, he was very snarky and you didn’t understand where it came from,” Safran says. As the season progressed and viewers got to know Shelby’s hook-up buddy a little better, “you understood where it came from,” he adds. “Then by the end of the season, you really understood the pain and the sadness inside him. So now, when he comes back, he just gets to be fun.”

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