Quantico Recap: Teamwork Makes Dismantling the Scheme Work

Quantico Recap Season 2 Episode 14

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In our first post-dual-timeline Quantico, Alex Parrish has a new mission (seek out those who wish to do the United States harm) and a new problem (being forced to work alongside her former fiancé). One is kinda successful. The other? Time will tell.

But before we get into the details of this week’s episode, titled “LNWILT,” let’s clear something up: The Haas son in charge of the president’s new task force is, as some of you correctly guessed, not Caleb. Instead, it’s his brother, Clayton, who prefers to be called Clay and who really, really does not like Shelby. (Except, c’mon, he totally likes Shelby.)

Read on for the hour’s highlights.

WHAT I DID ON MY FBI VACATION | When we pick up with everyone about a month after the G20 hostage siege, Alex has been reinstated as an FBI agent. She, Dayana, Shelby, Ryan and Nimah are summoned to Washington, D.C., where they both meet Caleb’s sibling. Though Shelby hasn’t been formally introduced to Clay, he already can’t stand her, based on her ill-advised relationship with his father. (Though, for the record, we learn that she and Caleb are still friendly.)

Everyone gathers in the classroom at The Farm, where Matthew Keyes and President Haas announce that only one country’s intelligence actually leaked when Lydia threw her drives up in the air and waved ‘em like she just didn’t care. That country was the United States. “Whatever the shadow group was planning by stealing those drives is still unknown,” POTUS says, but she strongly believes that the information in the U.S.’ cache was used in a cargo plane crash outside of Kentucky a few days earlier.

The task force is charged with finding out who the terrorist event’s collaborators are: who paid for it, who benefits from it, etc. Claire designates Clay as the group’s leader and reminds them that she’s the only one who knows what they’re doing, mainly because they don’t know how far the AIC has infiltrated America’s government.

During all of this, Alex fields a call from León, who is rambling in paranoid fashion about how someone is trying to kill all of them who trained at the CIA together. Dayana shows her texts of a similar nature from him; later, after confirming with Keyes that everyone (except for Lee, natch) from their class is alive, Alex gently suggests that Mr. Velez get some professional help to deal with the stress left over from the summit terrorist attack.PARTY TIME | When the task force can’t get it together on the FIRST DAY, Keyes brings in some help: Owen, whom he’s sprung from federal prison to whip the gang into shape. Oh, and he’s hella mad at Alex for reasons I can’t quite figure; dude, it was YOUR daughter who was the traitor and screw-up.

“Follow the money,” Hall tells them, which sends them on their first task-force op: dress up like high rollers (and those who are adjacent to high rollers) to infiltrate a party and see which investors in some shorted stock were likely to have profited the most off of the plane crash. The ladies look gorgeous, as usual. (Side note: Just in case you’re wondering, I ranked their dresses in order of how much I coveted them. Alex, Shelby, Dayana, Nimah. Your life is now complete.)

Here are the important takeaways from the party:

* Clay wrote for The Daily Show at one point in his life (?!).

* Harry pops up when Alex is eavesdropping on some important conversations regarding the shorted stock. Later we learn that MI-6 kicked him out, and he can’t even use his G20 heroics as evidence that he should be reinstated, thanks to the United States quietly sweeping the entire incident under the international rug.

* Harry and Alex make out. It’s part of their cover, but still hot.

* When Harry has to use an alias, he says he’s Sebastian Chen. Interesting.

* Shelby is a jerk to Nimah about getting mixed up in the AIC.

* Ryan gives a fake name to a Wall Street Journal reporter and tells her a story about fishing. Later, we see her at her office, using the (true) fishing story details to realize that he’s not who he says he is. Did I mention she’s young and pretty?

Back at the CIA house where they’re all living again, Alex and Ryan share a nice moment on the porch. She tells him she loves him, but “I just need more time.” Better figure it out soon, Parrish, because it seems like Reporter Lady is comin’ in hot! Meanwhile, Nimah and Shelby make up, and Clay stops by to apologize for being such a jerk to his brother’s/father’s ex. They both agree to be professional, but when Clay extends a dinner invitation from his fiancée Maxine, Shelby makes a face. “That’s a little weird,” she says apologetically, and he agrees, so he says he’ll decline politely on her behalf.

NOT NUTS AFTER ALL | Oh, and León? Minutes after leaving his meeting with Dayana and Alex, he’s jumped by two guys, stuck with a hypodermic needle and dumped in the trunk of a waiting car. Alex, you of all people should know: Just because you’re paranoid doesn’t mean they’re not after you!

Now it’s your turn. What did you think of the episode? Sound off in the comments!

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