This Is Us: 7 Theories on How Jack Died

This Is Us Jack Death Theories Season 1 Photos

Even though it seems like Jack Pearson is on a collision course with certain death, based on his drunk driving at the end of last week’s This Is Us, series creator Dan Fogelman has assured audiences that the Pearson pop’s demise is “a little ways away.” So it’s not likely to happen in Tuesday’s season finale.

But it will happen.

With that morbid thought in mind, we decided to brainstorm a bunch of ways that Randall, Kevin and Kate’s dad might die.

All we really know is that, in “What Now?” aka Episode 17, Kate confessed to Toby that her father’s passing was “my fault.  I’m the reason he’s dead.” But she did not elaborate on exactly what she meant. Further, when the NBC series showed us brief glimpses from Jack’s funeral in “Three Sentences” (Episode 13), the kids were teenagers.

It’s not much to go on, but we’ve put on our thinking caps and fortified ourselves with extra Kleenex in order to come up with a few ideas on how Jack eventually shuffles off this mortal coil. Does his drinking, literally and/or figuratively, drive him to his death? Is the culprit something more banal yet no less terrifying, like terminal illness? Could foul play be afoot? Or is This Is Us messing with us again like it has in the past?

Check out the gallery above — or click here for direct access — to see what we’ve come up with, then hit the comments with your own ideas: How do you think Jack will die?

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