Nashville Mystery: So... What Is Deacon's Real First Name?

Nashville Deacon First Name What Is CMT

Spoiler alert: If you didn’t watch this week’s Nashville, you might want to do that before reading this post.

Thursday’s Nashville left its devoted fans hanging on quite the steep cliff: As the episode’s final moments played out, we were left unsure of whether Rayna was alive or dead what Deacon’s real first name is.

Though diehard viewers had spent four-plus seasons thinking that they knew everything about the complex Mr. Claybourne, Rayna dropped an (admittedly minor) bombshell during her tense interaction with the man who’d been stalking her all season. We’d been introduced to the creeper as Carl Hockney, but after he showed up at Highway 65 with a kitchen knife, Hockney asked the frightened First Lady of Country Music to call him Wayne.

“Is Wayne your middle name?” she asked while casing the available exits and calculating the probability of getting stabbed before she reached one.

“Yeah, how do you know that?” he replied.

“My husband goes by his middle name,” Rayna said.

A comparatively insignificant detail, given what happens later, but we’re going to focus on that rather than the possibility that Nashville‘s central female might not just sing like an angel but actually be one in the very near future.

A casual Twitter query this morning rounded up some fan suggestions for Deacon’s real first name, as well as some theories about why he may not want to use it. Is he a Jr., named after the father he loathes? Is his real moniker just so embarrassing that he’d rather pretend it doesn’t exist? Wait, guys: Is Deacon’s real name Beverly, too?! 

Whatever the reason, here are some of my picks for Deke’s true first name, as well as some of those put forth on social media this morning. Choose your favorite from the poll below — and if it’s not there, hit the comments with a write-in vote. Because we may not be able to do anything about Rayna hovering between life and death, but damn it, we can distract ourselves by making sure her Mr. has a proper first name.