Grimm Recap: And For My Next Trick, I'll Pull a Renard Out of a Hat

Grimm Recap Season 6 Episode 3 Nick Becomes Renard

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If this week’s Grimm has a lesson to impart, it’s that even when you’re fighting heinous evil, there’s always time for a little slapstick.

While the supernatural drama doesn’t go full Three Stooges on us in “Oh Captain, My Captain” — there is, after all, a power-hungry mayor-elect to take down — it certainly saved its zaniest installment in recent memory for star David Giuntoli to direct.

It’s a little silly, sure, but it’s also fun to see Grimm ham it up a little in its final season. Plus, there’s a Renard-on-Renard fight! Read on for the highlights of this week’s hour.

OLD HAT | While the gang hides out in the Spice Shop basement and Renard tells Adalind to get with the program quickly, Nick and Eve head back to the tunnels to return the stick and cloth to its hiding place. But it’s a tough decision for the Grimm. “I didn’t wanna put it back,” he admits. “It felt like I needed it.” Eve pulls off the non sequitur of the evening when she pivots to, “You love Adalind.” He doesn’t answer either way, instead asking why she’s asking. “I’m not,” she says flatly. “I can feel it.”

Nick’s zombie hearing — oh, yeah! Remember that? — kicks in for a minute and he fears that they’ve got company, but it’s just Hank and Wu, fresh from handing in their resignation letters at the precinct. (Wu almost Neanders out on the captain, but Hank pulls him back from the brink.)

By the time the four of them are done talking, Nick has a new plan: Become Renard, in a bid to make the captain do their bidding. “I have no idea what you’re talking about,” Wu says, “but I think I like it.”

TWO RENARDS, NO WAITING | Speaking of Mr. Mayor-Elect, he pulls a Wesen officer named Grossante into his office and tasks him with killing Jeremiah, the campaign worker who’s attempting to blackmail Renard about Rachel’s murder. But when the killing goes down, Grossante’s vigorous throat-tearing-out accidentally splatters some blood on Renard’s shirt. So the royal bastard goes back home to change… at exactly the same time Monroe is there, collecting some of the captain’s hair and clothes for a redux of the witches’ hat spell.

You remember the hat spell? The one that Adalind used to impersonate Juliette in order to get Nick’s… essence? And also Eve used it to become Renard? Anyway, Monroe lays low while Renard is in the room, then sneaks out to deliver the goods to the Spice Shop. Though no one knows exactly what will happen when a Grimm inhales the magic smoke through the witchy funnel, it doesn’t stop Burkhardt from stepping up and taking a few deep sniffs (while wearing only his boxers, of course — and tell me you didn’t crack a smile at his awkward disrobing in front of the group).

The spell doesn’t seem like it worked, and then it REALLY does. Nick moans. Nick writhes in agony. Nick does a slow-motion worm against the floor, then stands up… and he’s Renard. Except he’s fully wogue’d. But after Rosalee walks him through a few deep breaths, ReNick gets himself under control and returns to human form. (Bravo, by the way, to Sasha Roiz, who has absolutely nailed Giuntoli’s Nick inflections and mannerisms.)

DOUBLE OR NOTHING | While Adalind literally trips over herself keeping Original Flavor Renard at the mansion until the evening news comes on, as Nick instructed, ReNick goes on the local NBC affiliate and announces that he is abdicating the mayor’s office. What’s more, he says the hunt for Det. Burkhardt was an undercover investigation “staged to bring the real killer to justice” and congratulates the Grimm on a job well done. Guys, Real Renard is SO MAD when he sees it.

There’s a lot more craziness when both Renards converge upon the police station, but eventually they both wind up on the roof of Nick’s loft, where they beat the poo out of each other with no end in sight. Eventually, they tire and reluctantly make a pact: O.G. Renard will blame the North Precinct attack on Bonaparte and use his interest in personally handling the investigation as his reason for abandoning the mayor’s office. Also, Nick, Hank and Wu will get their jobs back, Renard will have shared custody of Diana, “and Adalind comes with me,” ReNick finishes. “Eh, take her,” Renard 1.0 replies. (Heh.)

“Just remember,” the captain adds as he leaves, “Diana loves her daddy, and she would hate it if anything bad would happen to him.”

DADDY ISSUES | And that’s borne out when ReNick returns to the Spice Shop, meeting up with Adalind and the kids (who snuck there while the fight was going on). As the group laments that Nick might be stuck in this new body forever — because he should’ve un-Renarded by now — Diana wakes from a nap, puts her hand on ReNick’s chest and angrily announces, “You’re not my daddy!” She then uses her powers to toss him into the next room, where he quickly turns back into Plain Ol’ Nick. And when Diana sees her mother and Nick lovingly embrace, she doesn’t like it at all.

HELLO AGAIN | As if Renard’s day weren’t bad enough already, he goes home to find someone in his room: It’s Meisner. “I tried to tell you,” the dead man says. “You chose the wrong side, Sean.”

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