Corey Lewandowski Resigns at CNN — Is He Headed to Trump's White House?

Core Lewandowski Resigns CNN Donald Trump

Corey Lewandowski is leaving CNN… and probably joining the Trump administration.

Donald Trump‘s former campaign manager has resigned from his job as political commentator, the cable news network announced Friday. And Lewandowski was spotted paying a visit to Trump Tower on Friday morning, so it’s easy to conclude that he’ll have a role in President-elect Trump’s White House. (Press secretary, perhaps?)

Lewandowski joined CNN in June, shortly after being fired as Trump’s campaign manager. The network took a lot of criticism for putting a Trump insider on the air as a political pundit — especially since he was still receiving severance pay from the campaign. He was also a target of criticism for grabbing reporter Michelle Fields by the arm during a Trump event in March. (Trump said at the time of Lewandowski’s firing that he was “a good guy, a friend of mine, but I think it’s time now for a different kind of campaign.”)

In light of the Lewandowski and Donna Brazile news, does CNN need to clean house? Sound off in the comments.

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