Ask Ausiello: Spoilers on This Is Us, Grey's, The Flash, 24, Teen Wolf, Legends, The Walking Dead and More

Grey's Anatomy Spoilers

Question: Hey, can you give me some scoop on Better Call Saul? —Matt
Ausiello: I asked co-star Patrick Fabian for a Season 3 spoiler at the Emmys back in September and, whaddaya know, he came through. And then immediately regretted doing so. Press PLAY below to find out what he told me. (Hint: it involves the R-word.)

Question: Do you have any word on Dylan O’Brien’s Teen Wolf status? A lot of us are worried that Stiles won’t be around for the latter part of the season because of what happens in the first half, not to mention Dylan’s busy schedule. —Alinea
Ausiello: We can neither confirm nor deny Stiles’ presence throughout Teen Wolf’s final season, but what we can promise is a handful of long-overdue “Stydia” moments in the Nov. 15 premiere, including a biggie that was already teased in the trailer. (For what it’s worth, the actual “I love you” scene between Stiles and Lydia is far more dramatic when seen in full.)

Question: Do you have any scoop about the Downton Abbey movie that might be happening? Is there actually anything concrete? —Kristen
Ausiello: Someone has misled you, Kristen. A Downton Abbey movie is not happening.

landscape-1456931348-ustv-legends-of-tomorrow-arthur-darvill-03Question: So, seriously, when is Rip Hunter coming back to Legends of Tomorrow? — Dawn
Ausiello: The search for Rip is “something that’s always going on in the background, and sometimes the foreground, of various episodes,” says showrunner Marc Guggenheim. “We don’t want to change the mission statement [from] ‘fixing aberrations’ to ‘saving Rip.’” Besides, the EP notes, “The bat’s sort of been taken out of their hands, in the sense that there’s no way to find Rip. But you will find out [what happened to him] before the Legends do.”

Question: Any Frequency scoop? It’s turning out to be one of my new favourite shows. —Allison
Ausiello: As the date of Julie’s disappearance nears, Frank “does get more and more desperate,” star Riley Smith reveals. “And the things that he’s doing become more illegal and tricky.” The dad/detective is also “constantly having to put one timeline version of Raimy on the line to help out the other one, and then within two or three scenes, the reverse [happens]. The next episode reverses it again.”

ed80ec831af395166cbbcfa7d4f4d51bQuestion: Got any scoop on Blindspot? —Lisa
Ausiello: Agent Reade might just be getting a lady in his life — but it’s complicated. The NBC drama is seeking a twentysomething to play Niki, the on-again-off-again girlfriend of Reade’s old pal, Freddy. Fed up with Freddy’s addiction problem (and puzzled when he doesn’t come home one night), Niki will turn to Reade for answers about his friend… and in doing so find temporary solace with the FBI agent. The character will debut in Episode 13 and appear in three installments.

Question: Any New Girl scoop on Schmidt and Cece?— Kristianne
Ausiello: Rumor has it Mrs. Schmidt is going to launch her very own modeling agency.

Question: Some Flash scoop, please? Anything? —Joseph
Ausiello: This week’s revelation that H.R. is a novelist and not a scientist is “going to give Tom Cavanagh a lot of playtime,” co-star Carlos Valdes tells TVLine, adding that viewers can “expect a lot of H.R.’s business and backstory to be rooted in some of his writing.”

Question: Any intel on even whispers of a Parenthood reunion? P.S. Can I have a job? —Tyler
Ausiello: No new intel on a Parenthood revival beyond what Jason Katims told me in August. Regarding the job thing, your timing is fortuitous. I’m looking to hire someone to help me get TVLine readers Aimee and Beth off my freakin’ case. Job doesn’t pay that well and there are no benefits, but… actually, there’s no but. That’s it. The gig is yours if you want it.

Greek RevivalQuestion: I thought the Greek reunion movie was supposed to air on Freeform during Christmas, but I’m not seeing it on the 25 Days of Christmas lineup. Any update on it? —John
Ausiello: It’s been quietly moved to 2017, which makes sense because how the hell did anyone think a revival like this could be written, cast, shot and edited in four months’ time?

Question: Can you give Arrow‘s Olicity fans some hope that Oliver and Felicity will get back together this season? —SCS
Ausiello: Coming out of this week’s “Yeah, we should be seeing other people” heart-to-heart, there is this silver lining: The ex-couple affirmed that, regardless of their break-up, they are of a singular focus. “I wasn’t a huge fan of the idea that Felicity wouldn’t say something [about dating Billy], because of all the reasons that their relationship fell apart last year, which was secrets being kept,” says Stephen Amell. “So when I played those scenes, it was just like, ‘Hey, we work together, so if you’re keeping anything from me, why?’ … It was less about Oliver and more about, ‘Are we OK? Are we good? Because now it’s not just you and me [in the lair] and we have these new recruits that look to us for guidance, so let’s make sure that, as the theoretical leaders of the team, we are on the same page.'”

This AAnd That…
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westworld-s1ep5-recap-featuredMy favorite TV moment of the week: Watching Evan Rachel Wood’s Dolores transform from self-professed damsel in distress to badass gunslinger on HBO’s Westworld. It literally gave me chills.
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