Parenthood Creator: Series Revival Is More a Question of When, Not If

Parenthood Revival

It’s been nearly two years since the Braverman clan wistfully strolled off that baseball diamond in the Parenthood finale and, by our calculations, that means it’s time to check in with series creator Jason Katims about a revival.

As we scooped back in June, NBC flirted with the idea of producing a one-off, Christmas-themed Parenthood reunion movie last year, but the project failed to materialize. In an interview with TVLine last week at the Television Critics Association summer press tour, where he was promoting his new CBS medical drama Pure Genius, Katims would neither confirm or deny our report. He did, however, note, “There’s nothing happening right now, but when the time is right I would love to revisit it.”

And lest you think Katims is just toying with our emotions, the Emmy winner shared that he’s been keeping tabs — and taking notes — on Netflix’s in-the-works Gilmore Girls continuation, starring his Parenthood‘s colleague Lauren Graham. “I asked someone who was working on it how they structured it and how it all worked,” he shared. “Because I was thinking that might happen [with Parenthood] down the road a few years.”

In light of the fact that the Parenthood swan song concluded with a series of flash-forward sequences that offered snapshots of where the main characters ended up several years into the future, Katims conceded that “more time has to pass” before a Parenthood revival can realistically take shape.

“It would start at the moment when I feel like I have a story to tell,” he admitted. “But the whole thing about Parenthood is the kids get a little older and their lives change and then there’s more story to tell. I feel like that will happen at some point. And then it will be a question of, logistically, can we get the actors [back together] at the same time? And then we have to [find an outlet] that wants to [air] it.”

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