The Flash Recap: Frauds and Monsters

This week on The CW’s The Flash, Caitlin asked her mom for help with her frosty problem, Julian warmed up to Barry and Team Flash learned a cold, hard truth (or two) about H.R. Wells.

COLD COMFORT | Chilled by the gradual manifestation of her latent powers, Caitlin sought out her scientist mom, Dr. Carla Tannhauser, for help in treating them. As hinted in the past, things are cool between the women, dating back to when Caitlin’s father got sick, and how after he died, Carla buried herself in work. Carla at first is of little help to Caitlin, so she sends her on her way, but the doc’s lab assistant Nigel sees an opportunity to exploit Caitlin, and tries to abduct her. Caitlin, though, stops him with an icy, vicious grip, before bidding Mom adieu. At episode’s end, Caitlin gets a video message from her mom, warning that using her powers will only make them harder to reverse — but that news is met by an impulsive lashing out by Caitlin, who ices over the table and computer, her eyes all frosted over.

‘SUMPTUOUS MORNING!’ | Cisco, at whose place Barry is crashing for the time being, senses something “off” about Earth-19’s H.R. Wells, but can’t put his finger on it. When he ultimately realizes that H.R. hasn’t actually been coming up with any ideas, and instead is only rewording what other team members say, he and Barry agree to “vibe” his belongings. In the course of rifling through H.R.’s stuff, Cisco finds a digital recorder that seems to suggest H.R. is evil and up to something. But when H.R. finds them and insists that Cisco play the whole voice memo, they realize that he moonlights on Earth-19 as a “science-romance” novelist, and is working on his next novel. But then the other shoe drops — H.R. isn’t any kind of scientist. Rather, he is an “idea man” and was the “face” of his S.T.A.R. Labs. When he begs to prove his value to the team in that capacity, they agree to let him stay a few weeks.

AN INTERN FOR THE BETTER | After Julian snitches to Singh, earning Barry a “15-second talking-to” for his “nine violations” of department policy, Barry appeals to his supervisor’s vanity and asks to “shadow” him on their current case, so that he might learn from his oh-so-brilliant superior. Julian agrees, and lets Barry tag along as they look into the giant monster that is terrorizing the town. As most anyone reckoned from the first frame, the creature was merely a hologram, operated by a 15-year-old kid who was tired of being bullied at school, and who wanted to make other people scared for once. After The Flash saves Julian from almost putting a bullet in the teen, the CSI guy later bonds with Barry over his scare — and the truth that the rise of metahumans has made him feel “powerless” as a scientist — and they bro it out over drinks.

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