Quantico Recap: Strange Bedfellows

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Five minutes into this week’s Quantico, there’s a visual I’m sure is aimed squarely at those of us trying to watch our sugar intake this Halloween.

After all, who needs candy when you’ve got the sweet, sweet image of Alex, Ryan and Harry, nearly naked and in bed together?

Quantico Recap Season 2 Episode 5

Elsewhere in the hour… you know what? Nope. Usually, I use the top of the recap to briefly touch on a few other things that happen in the episode. Oh look, Ryan did something without really considering the ramifications! Oh hey, Miranda is hella shady! But I’m just going to let that spies-in-the-sheets mental image marinate a little longer, cool?

Read on as we debrief the highlights of “KMFORGET.”

WILL’S BACK! | Remember when we saw Harry hitting on Will? Yeah, they’re sleeping together now — though Will is well aware that his honey “Julian” likely is lying to him about pretty much everything. “Some people like to reveal themselves slowly. You should let them,” Harry says… before secretly messing with Will’s phone so it blocks calls from Shelby.

Not long after, Ryan and Alex are picking through Lee’s quarters — they need some DNA for… something? — when Harry catches them coming out of their classmate’s unfortunately spotless room. But before the pair can even try to lie their way out of it, all three are grabbed from behind, and everything goes black.

MAKING IT UP AS YOU GO ALONG | That’s what leads to the incredibly fit triptych laid out in… the middle of the classroom at The Farm? Turns out, Harry, Alex and Ryan were nabbed and drugged as part of a lesson in how to make things look bad for other people (and how to undo anything you do that makes you look bad).

“You craft the narrative. You create the illusion,” Owen tells the class, adding that they’re going to be watching a journalist who leaked intelligence information, breaking into his room to get evidence, that sort of thing. Anyone who gets caught by the cops has a get-out-of-jail-free card, but if you use it, you’re out of the program. Oh, and León? Owen’s got a special, off-books assignment for you.

The whole thing is a ruse — the journalist in question is an old acquaintance of Owen’s — but it turns out that Owen has an ax to grind with the man, anyway: He was the one who leaked Owen’s name, effectively ending his CIA field assignments. And León’s help was to create a photo that made it look like the married reporter was having an affair at the hotel. Owen wants the names of the people who gave the reporter his name… or else.

SLICK! | There’s a lot of running around at the hotel — Shelby and Nimah show up, Will gets in touch with Nimah and she realizes that he’s been seeing Harry  — and by the time all is said and done, Alex and Ryan outwit Harry so that he’s left looking very suspicious when the police inevitably show up. He’s taken away, they gloat… and Shelby gets a date with León (despite Nimah’s extreme objection) in the process.

But Harry’s such a sweet-talker, we aren’t surprised when he rolls back into The Farm later that night, right? At a bar, he outs himself as MI-6, a kind of undercover exchange agent; in turn, Ryan and Alex say they’re FBI. He was the one who planted the bugs in their rooms, he admits.

Later, Ryan gets Lee’s biometric data or whatever by being nice to her. SPYCRAFT!

NOT YOU, TOO, WILL! | In the present storyline, Miranda gets a sat-phone update that Boyer is dead and the CLF needs “a new option.” So she tasks Shelby with bringing in Will — who works at a thinktank but happens to be in New York for the summit — to do a little unofficial work for the FBI.

Shelby uses the occasion to show Will the email that Boyer sent her. “I want to be wrong about this. I do. Which is why I need you to tell me if Miranda is pulling the wool over all of our eyes before I hand you over to her,” she tells her former classmate. He says it’s all good and Miranda is clean… so why does he later tell Miranda, “You don’t have to turn me. I’m in,” and “I convinced Shelby you’re innocent, by the way.” In my notes, I write, “ALL-GLASS WALLS! BIG ASS PHONE! HOW HAS NO ONE EXCEPT SHELBY NOTICED MIRANDA ACTING SO SQUIRRELLY?!”

LYDIA?! | At the CLF-held building, Alex manages to take down the terrorists chasing her, losing her mask but gaining one of those sat phones in the process. She eventually runs into Lydia, who looks more like a CLF out of uniform than a scared hostage who was able to break away. “How the hell did you get out?” Alex demands, just as the screen goes black.

Now it’s your turn. What did you think of the episode? Sound off in the comments!

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