Grey's Anatomy: Caterina Scorsone Previews the Baby Twist That Leaves Both Amelia and Owen 'Quite Rattled'

greys anatomy season 13 episode 6 caterina scorsone interview

The honeymoon is over for Grey’s Anatomy newlyweds Amelia and Owen — at least for now. Though she was initially jubilant about the prospect of having a baby, her feelings on the subject quickly turned as negative as her pregnancy test results. And, in Thursday’s episode (ABC, 8/7c), things go from sad to worse, according Caterina Scorsone, who plays Mrs. Hunt. “We got to have some laughs, some romance, but now, we’re back in the trenches.”

Specifically, Amelia will be struggling with the great divide between the new life that she’s built for herself in Seattle and the tragic old one that she left behind in L.A. (on Private Practice). “She really dove into this new identity, where she was no longer the black sheep but suddenly the chief of neuro and adored by a responsible guy like Owen,” the actress tells TVLine. “And she was very earnestly excited about being a wife and mother, and being a part of society in the way she perceived to be positive.

“Then, the pregnancy test triggered the bridge between those compartmentalized pieces of her life,” she continues, “and all the trauma that she experienced came flooding into Seattle in a way that she [hadn’t anticipated]. She’s suddenly being hit with the reality that she can’t really run away from the past.”

Neither will she be able to hide from the present for very long. When Amelia presses PAUSE on her and her hubby’s baby-making plans in “Roar,” “Owen’s bewildered,” Scorsone says. “He doesn’t quite know what’s going on. And to be honest, I don’t think Amelia quite knows what’s going on, either!

“Her own fears and hesitation are a shock to her,” she adds. “She’s quite rattled by it — as is he. And we’re not at his full reaction yet” to her whiplash-inducing change of heart.

Briefly, Amelia hopes that she can take her mind off her troubles at work. Sorry — make that “very briefly.” “She tries to focus on the medicine, because that will get her out of her personal life,” her portrayer previews, “and in comes a kid who needs care.” And not just any old kid, either. “She does feel very maternal towards this kid. It brings up some feelings.”

Which are, of course, exactly what she was trying to escape from in the first place. “To have a little break from the drama was delightful,” Scorsone concludes with a laugh. But break time’s over. “That was my luxurious five minutes of peace and happiness!”

What do you think, Grey’s fans? Will Amelia and Owen to able to overcome her past for the sake of their future?