Grey's Anatomy Sneak Peek: Watch Tessa Ferrer's Awkward Return as Leah

You probably assumed Tessa Ferrer‘s re-introduction as fired doc Leah Murphy in this Thursday’s Grey’s Anatomy (ABC, 8/7c) would be awkward. What you couldn’t possibly imagine is just how many levels of awkward it would be. We counted at least three in the exclusive first look video above.

The two-minute clip begins with Leah’s onetime lover Arizona bemoaning her ex’s return to Karev, who also bedded the ousted resident during her relatively brief stint at the hospital. (The two have to laugh, however, when a clueless Maggie raves about the disgraced surgeon’s “really great suture techniques.”)

Meanwhile, at the other end of the cafeteria, Stephanie and Jo are expressing bewilderment that their former fellow intern failed to give them a heads-up about her return. Steph then fills Andrew in on the sordid circumstances surrounding Leah’s firing, including the fact that she schtüped Jo’s now-estranged BF and, in the process, “almost brought the hospital down with harassment lawsuits and complaints.”

Leah, of course, arrives in the cafeteria just in time to overhear Steph concluding that all the drama “messed with her head,” leading Webber to pink slip her.

Press PLAY above to watch the icky sequence unfold, and then hit the comments with an answer to this question: Given Arizona’s obvious unhappiness about Leah’s comeback, do you still think the two of them are headed for a reunion, as Shonda Rhimes maybye-possibly teased over the summer?

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