Grey's Anatomy Recap: No Good Deed...

ARMANI JACKSON, KEVIN MCKIDD, JESSE WILLIAMS, MARK ADAIR-RIOS, BRESHA WEBBIn this week’s Grey’s Anatomy, Braden’s parents try to distract us from our upset over Cristina’s imminent exit by suing Bailey for saving the bubble boy’s life. (It doesn’t ease my pain, but hey, A for effort, at least.) Here are the deets on that and everything else that goes down in “Everything I Do, Nothing Seems to Turn Out Right”…

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NO THANKS | As the hour begins, Bailey is ready to discharge Braden from both his bubble and Grey Sloan. But first, she must inform the board and the patient’s parents that, unbeknownst to all of them, she administered her experimental treatment. Rather than tell, say, Jackson or Owen what she’s done, she tells Cristina, whose response is to high-five her. Braden’s parents, on the other hand… “They did not react as I hoped they would,” Bailey admits, offering up what could be the understatement of the year. In fact, they aren’t just suing her for malpractice, they’re suing her for assault and battery! Hearing that Bailey could lose her license, Stephanie – who’s already worried that she’ll be the resident that gets axed – jumps in and lies that she forgot to inform the attending that Braden’s folks had withdrawn their consent. It’s a crazy gamble, yet it works. The lawsuit gets dropped, and, as ticked at Stephanie as Bailey is, she’s also so damn grateful that she gives her heroine a hug and a promise to fight for her, should it come to that.

MOVING VIOLATIONS | Since Amy’s an emotional wreck, Mer assumes that it’s because she hates it in Seattle and wants to get back to her life. But, after Amy lashes out and cracks that she preferred it when Mer was the sister-in-law who didn’t give a crap, she admits that she’s actually always crying because she actually loves being at Grey Sloan. She even loves it more than she loves James, to be honest, so she’s going to break up with him and stick around. This is great, Mer thinks. Amy can take over Derek’s service and help with the kids! Or not. When Derek gets back from his trip to D.C. all aglow from meeting the president, he announces that he’s been offered a plum position with the NIH and wants their whole family to move to Washington. All together now: Whatchoo talkin’ ’bout, Willis?

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HELP WANTED | When Owen assigns Cristina the task of interviewing possible replacements for the departing Russell, what he’s really doing is plotting to make her hate them all and then offer her the position. At least that’s Mer’s theory. (She’s right, too. Isn’t she usually?) However, after Cristina begs Owen not to offer her the job, he doesn’t. He knows that nothing good can come of him asking her stay, so he refrains. At least he tries really hard to refrain. In the end, he can’t help but plant a passionate kiss on her and say, “Don’t leave me until you’re leaving me.” (Sigh.)

TWO STEPS FORWARD… | Though Alex supposedly loves his new gig, he winds up back at Seattle Grace poaching one of his old patients from Arizona. (He even blackmails Shane into keeping it a secret.) When she finds out, she scolds him like a disappointed mother, and he confesses that things aren’t hunky or dory at Dr. Butthole’s, much less hunky-dory. Meanwhile, Callie learns that, after her car accident, she can’t carry another baby. Arizona’s willing to do it herself, but, so soon after they got their marriage back on track, Callie doesn’t want to risk rocking the boat. So no new baby for them, then.

IN BRIEF | Speaking of babies, while Jackson and April do their best to keep their stork appointment to themselves… well, they suck at being tight-lipped. And, once their colleagues at Grey Sloan start finding out, they have no choice but to clue in their mothers next. (Cue Catherine’s head exploding in 3, 2… ) Elsewhere, Jo is so nervous about the “Someone’s getting fired!” rumor that she gives herself a case of stress hives. Needlessly, it turns out. After observing Leah in action in the OR, Richard tells her that she’ll make a great doctor – but not a great surgeon – and offers to put in a good word for her at a research hospital.

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Okay, your turn. What did you think of the episode? Do you like Stephanie better now that she was willing to take the fall for Bailey? Did you feel at all sorry for Leah when Richard canned her, or do you just want her gone already? Hit the comments!

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