Late Show: 'Melania' Reacts to Trump's 'Billybush-Grabbing' Controversy

We originally weren’t going to draw attention to the Late Show return of Laura Benanti‘s fabulous Melania Trump impression, but Stephen Colbert egged us on. (And therefore, it’s really all his fault.)

Benanti returned to CBS’ late-night talker in the wake of Mrs. Donald Trump’s recent interviews, in which she denounced those who accused her husband of sexual violence and said Access Hollywood host Billy Bush encouraged Trump to brag about grabbing women “by the p—y” in a 2005 video. Speaking to Colbert via satellite, the could-be First Lady chalked The Donald’s banter up to “locker room talk.”

“I did not know this, but when American men gather to sport, they always brag about grabbing women by the Billybush,” she explained, giving female genitalia an all new nickname. “Boys, men, it’s all the same. No matter how nice they seem, they are all secretly foul-mouthed, Billybush-grabbing pigs. I’m talking about your husband, your brother, the Pope, Luke Skywalker. All of them… They’re all animals. If only a women could be president!”

Once Colbert pointed out that Donald’s opponent, Hillary Clinton, is a woman, Melania faked a bad connection and dove off camera.

As you’ll recall, Benanti’s first visit as Melania came in July, when the Supergirl star mocked the potential First Lady’s Republican National Convention speech, which plagiarized remarks given by First Lady Michelle Obama.

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